Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekly Update 8/1/16- SIXTEEN DAYS!!

It's that time again.....

 There's only two of these left after this....

 With that humbling thought in mind let me begin my little email here!  Life is soooooo good here in the place called Eustis. My last official  transfer as a representative of the lord Jesus Christ is over. It
 brings a mix of emotions and a flood of memories. This week has been  one to remember. As for sure we worked hard, saw some cool miracles and finally received welcome news about transfers. I'm so very  grateful for the chance I've had to serve here in Eustis.

 "Who Do You Represent?"
 Alright funny story time.... So yesterday Elder Dickson and I had a surplus of miles. We decided to go see this Ward Council referral that was wayyyyy out in the sticks. It actually was really close to my old area. By the time we arrived it would have been less miles to travel to my old apartment. LOL. Anyways we drove all the way there to be blocked by a locked gate. With lots of hope and even more courage we knocked on some doors. We then came to what seemed to be an abandoned trailer. Completely ignoring the No Trespassing sign we wandered  forward to the front of the house. After about 45 seconds a woman comes storming out of the house behind us. We hear the commotion and
 begin to walk towards her. She yells "Hey, Hey!! Did y'all read my sign?!?!" We replied "Uhhh that one?" "yes!" She said, then she questioned our authority "Who do you represent!?!?" This is my  favorite part.... Elder Dickson Replies "Jesus Christ!!" Hahahaha She honestly didn't know how to respond to that! Hahaha She simply gave us  a little warning and then bidded us farewell! Hahaha #GoHawks

 "The love of God"
On Tuesday we had dinner with a family that I have truly come to love with all of my heart, the Mallory family. Hunter Mallory, the father was baptized in October of last year. They are an awesome family. We always have just the best time at their house! Thinking that it was my last time to visit and eat with them it was my turn to share a message with them. I chose to read one of my favorite scriptures. In the book of Romans 8:37-39. That whole chapter is great, but for sake of time I read only those passages. As I read them I had an amazing experience. Throughout my mission I've had hard times and good times. The mission is like a Mini life, with all of its ups and downs. This scripture caused me to reflect on my mission in a way I haven't quite done yet. It then hit me pretty hard that this scripture was true. I felt it, deep inside. God loves us so very much, and above all else my mission has taught me that. I believe Joy is simply gratitude over a period of time. I'm so very grateful for this experience, Gods love has been very evident in my life these past 23 months. I would invite you to read those scriptures. They are awesome.

 "Well Transfers...."
 This was probably the craziest part of my week. On Saturday we received an email from the assistants concerning transfers and who'd be transferred and all that. It then becomes the zone leaders job to let everyone know in the zone. Fully expecting to be transferred closer to the airport these last 14 days I wasn't to worried. Then we received the email. To my surprise I was staying, both Elder Dickson and I. This was shocking considering the fact I go home in 17 Days here. Bewildered, we continued on to dinner with a member at 5 Guys. A great way to spend transfer day. Fully knowing we needed another missionary to come here in a three some we anxiously awaited another call. Then we got a call from Hunters creek, and the missionary who will be staying with us, and replacing me, is Elder Egan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about cried and then I screamed and everyone was looking at me funny.... That man is my favorite companion. For those of you that remember, we served together in
 Daytona for 3 months. It was so crazy. He was on my most recent Christmas card. Hahaha We are going to have a ton of fun. I guess I'm now an emeritus Zone Leader. LOL.

 Well that was my week in a nutshell. Full of goodness and fun times. We had a killer week and my zone continues to just slay it out here in Leesburgerking. My first thought when I was getting transferred here was "Fetch..." I wasn't looking forward to it all that much. The zone was struggling and it was gonna be tough! These 5 months here have been amazing. I've seen so many miracles and loved every minute of it. We've turned the zone around and we've established a culture of hope. Now I get to finish it all of with two of my favorite people here in one of my favorite areas. God is good and my mission is powerful evidence of that truth. I know that God loves every single one of us!
 He wants us to be happy, and we can be if we but follow his commandments. This is his church, and I get to be a part of this work. I love it and it saddens me that it is almost over.... But in reality
 it's not. It's never over, I've put my hand to the plow. As Elder Holland put it, "God doesn't want people who will die for this gospel, he wants people who will live for it." That's me shavers! Hahaha
 That's the new word shavers. It's slang for little boy, #GoHawks love you all so much and hope you have a good week!

 Loves, Elder Carter S Crismon

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