Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Update 6/13/2016

Weekly Update 3.45

Hey there fellers/Lumberjacks

Well I hope all is well in the place they dubbed Utah. Things are going well here in Florida! It's been a crazy week, filled with a tropical storm, a zone meeting, an exchange to the boonies, cows, and
a shooting in Orlando. For those of you who may be concerned I'm fine, we are about 45 minutes away from where the shooting took place. I've driven past the place a couple of times so that's weird to think about. The state of Florida seems to be holding up well. You can feel a little uneasiness, but it's good. There is a ton of people donating blood, so that's cool to see! Hopefully this will get people asking those tuff questions about life that really only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can answer. Please pray for those families involved in the attack!

So to kick it off we will talk about the tropical storm that came rolling through on Monday night, it was pretty wild. Ive never seen clouds move that fast before. We got a text from President Berry
informing us to be in early and to be careful. There was minor flooding in my area, and a tornado about an hour away. The wind howled and I loved every minute of it! It was cool to see how the storm moved and acted. Really it didn't do to much to us here. Just some heavy rain! We enjoyed our time though!

On Friday we had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators Damaris. She's been studying with us for about 3 weeks now. She's one of the most prepared people I've taught! This week as we were teaching her she told us of a cool dream she had. Basically the dream was straight from heaven and was an answer to her prayers about which church she needed to join! She had already received an answer to prayers in the form of a feeling and now this is added on top of that! It was cool to see that Moroni's promise at the back of the Book of Mormon is true. Anyone who has a sincere heart and really wants to know, then acts on that and seeks by doing simple things such as praying and
reading will get an answer. It's a good feeling to know that God still cares enough to reach out to us and make himself known. She's doing well and we look forward to continuing to teach her! Please pray for her and her family, the Rodriguez family!

This week we had Zone Training Meeting, also known as ZTM. What a good time! This meetings topic was all on involving the Lord in his work and knowing how to better and more effectively find. The meeting went well. It was a little sad knowing that it might be my last one as a zone leader. I felt that it was a good one though! Transfers as a week from Tuesday, so on Saturday we will be getting an email holding our fate as the Eustis Elders. It's gone be weird cause this will be my last full transfer before I head home! There is a possibility that I might drop from being a Zone Leader. Not sure what I want to happen! Honestly, I'd love to stay here but we'll see where the Lord needs me!
The meeting was killer and it was also fun to have my two good buddies Elder Johnson and Elder Thornock. Couple of Stallions.

We saw and milked a wood cow. It sits out from of the Reisings home. I send pics of them from time to time. They are old folks that help us out a ton!

I went on an exchange to a wonderful place called Lecanto. This place is the farthest west area in the mission. It actually boarders two other missions to the north a one to the south. Then on the west side
it touches the gulf coast. It's out there and has some funny people there. I was with a lovely missionary by the name of Elder Carlos Hernandez. He's the man and we had a stellar time. We taught some crazy people and I got to help them get their area to where they want it to be! Hahaha We got to go on special permission from president Berry, due to the bed bug issues our mission had been having! But luckily we got to go and have fun over yonder! Haha

Well that was my week in a nutshell! We saw some good things happen and I'm excited to see what this next week will bring for us here in Eustis. Good things are happening. Please continue to pray for us though! We need to find some more solid people to teach! This church is so true! It has to be true! I've seen too many cool miracles and felt the confirming witness of the spirit too many times! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Through him God established his true church back to the earth! God still cares and he loves us very much. He knows us by name and knows what we need most. Everything that happens to us in life is calculated to bless and is for our benefit. I hope you all
have an amazing week and hopefully I'll hear from some of you here real soon! Where is Kelly? Anyone know?

Elder Crismon

 Gotta love cool sweaters! Hahahaha!
 Notice the floor in this one- the missionaries sign it when they leave the area! So cool!
 The wood cow!

 Not sure where he found this but it's funny!

 Zone Meeting

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