Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Week 2/1/16

Welcome to Longwood little Fellars.

Weekly update #72..... RoughlyLOL

          Just kidding I don't keep track of how long I've been out. That's crazy, plus I really don't believe I can count that high.... ;) but isn't that what college is for? Haha! Well it's been a good week thus far out here in the glorious land we call Florida! Another successful week here in Longwood. This week slowed down a little bit which was nice. Only one exchange, and a district meeting. Well and some other stuff I guess. Haha! Time seems to be just going by. Every week seems to be going by faster and faster. Oh well! 

             Well to start this week we had an exchange with the college park elders once again. They cover The University of Central Florida. I stayed in Longwood with Elder Birchell. This was the second exchange I have been on with him! He's a great fellar from Vernal Utah! We had a great time staying up and talking about life, and girls, and football. We had a great exchange and saw some cool miracles even though we had people cancel on us through out the day! This transfer has just been filled with exchanges. We've gone on 11! I want to cry! That means for literally 11 days and nights I wasn't with my compadre, but instead helping some other missionary! Pretty cool I guess. Every exchange that I go on I seem to learn another principle. I learn another way to help others. Exchanges are the best! Even though they are just exhausting, they are totally worth it. 

               A couple really cool things happened this week. The Lord taught me a simple but important truth! No matter how many lessons you teach, and you will teach a lot, there will always be one special person that the Lord wants you to meet! Now, we still impact a lot of people on a day-to-day basis, but I now know that every day there is a specific person we are to bless. Great example of this was yesterday. Elder Honda and I were going to visit a media referral. As good missionaries do we talked with every one and we met a very nice lady. As we talked we found out that she was a less active member of our church! We talked for a little while, and she made the comment "I know God sent you here to help me!" Pretty cool. It was nice to be able to help someone out! It was a cool experience and now we are gonna start meeting with her! Wahoooooo!

              As of late our mission has been making a huge push to do more service work for the community. We have been doing service for a place called Hope Helps. We've been doing things for them and their thrift store! It's been loads of fun, and there is some cool stuff to buy there! On Friday a couple of us missionaries got to take part in a very special service project. We got to help the homeless. We as missionaries went to this Christian charging center, we then helped homeless and less fortunate people get free food! Pretty nice food too! A whole semi-Truck load of stuff! It was cool and felt amazing to see the genuine gratitude on people's faces. We talk a lot about how good service heals the soul. Well I definitely know it does. When we make time to serve our fellowmen, the Lord blesses us with love for them! I'm grateful for the chance I've had to serve them and their families! As they say service heals the heart!

              Well finally just as a little plead for help, Elder Honda and I are just having the hardest time finding solid people to teach! We are finding people, they just either have gotten passed off to other missionaries, or they are a little shaky. I would ask that if you want to to send up a prayer for us! We just need some solid people to teach who are older then 10! Right now we are puttering along and it's bugging the crap out of me! Not like we are having horrible weeks, we are still doing very well for where we are at. But we need some extra prayers to find a prepared family to progress in the gospel! Thanks!

               It's been a fun and crazy week. Every day I'm more and more grateful for the chance I've had to serve a mission. It's been amazing. The experiences I've had are truly priceless! I still have my struggles. But it's all in good measure, for I know that it's for my good! Jesus Christ lives, He came, He suffered and bled and died for us. He knows of you and your trials and circumstances! It's true! This is His church, and I'm proud to be out here spreading the good word! I wish you all the very best this coming week! Also I'd like to apologize if you didn't get my email last week. My LDS Mail seemed to be having some issues. Hahaha! So don't think I hate you or anything! If you didn't get my last weeks one let me know, and I'll apologize or something! Also Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm currently taking applications to be my valentine! Just lemme know! LOL;)  Hahaha! Have an amazing week dudes! #LFG #theRISE #LDSface2face 

love, Elder Carter Crismon! 

                                                            This Email was brought to
                                          You by Carter Crismon, an Elder of the Church
                                                 Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.®

How classy is that? LOL.

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