Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekly Update 02/15/2016

The weekly email!


                  Well we had an amazing week! Some good stuff went down here in the lovely Lake Mary Zone. Also had some good stuff happen here in the Long Wood Area! As for me and Elder Thronock! We are best buddies already! We both love lifting, and rap music, and we have just a lot in common! We have a plan to get just huge while we are together! We are pretty excited to just really get this transfer going! We had some good stuff happen this week! We had a Zone Training Meeting, we had to give a report for our mission President to all of the leaders on our Stake which was pretty wild!
Haha! So I'm pretty excited looking forward into the future!

                     So to start this week we had a Zone Training Meeting or ZTM. I love ZTMs!! They are like my favorite thing to plan. We go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) the week before to listen to president. There we hear what he feels needs to be pushed! So we then plan on how we can adapt that to our zone. It was a great meeting. Right before it started instead of playing hymns we watched a couple bible videos! It really brought the spirit and set the tone for the meeting! My training that I gave went very well! It was one of my better I believe! I got a couple compliments! We had a very good ZTM, and everyone was pumped afterwords. It got some zone unity going! Elder Thronock also gave a great training as well. I really believe that our zone is pumped looking into the future! Wahooo!

                      Then later that same day we had to present a report to all of the stake leaders in the Lake Mary Zone. It's lots of fun Being a Zone Leader because we get to work closely with president Berry. We got to sit next him during the meeting on the stand. So we gave everyone at the meeting a report of how things have been going here in Lake Mary. Overall things have been going pretty good! It was a good report and we are excited looking into the future. It's a cool experience to be these couple of young guns up there in front of all these leaders and testifying of the Savior and his work that we are doing. All these cool experiences that I get to have are truly something else! I'm so very grateful to God that I get to take part in them.

                           So our mission has really started to push the importance of setting goals and working to achieve those goals. So the subject of my training at ZTM was goals setting and how to reverse engineer it to know what you need to do today to make those goals happen! It just makes me so jacked! In missionary work it's so important to just push yourself every single day. The minute you let up, you become lazy. Then you won't be successful! That's really what I want is just to baptize some people! So it's nice to know what I need to do every single week and every day to achieve my dreams. So please pray for this little fellar, because really I'm just a chumlee out here working hard! I know God will bless me! WahOOO!

                         So miracles that happened this week! So well one that happened! Some how throughout the week God just blessed us with people to teach. We had so many meetings and all these trainings to prepare that I was seriously worried about how our week was gonna turn out. I was worried that we weren't gonna preform to our abilities! So Elder Thornock and I just went ham bone in the paint! As we showed our faith and worked hard God put people in our path to teach. I'm forever grateful for that! Haha God is blessing us according to our faith! So I guess that's probably what I've learned the most about this week is faith. I've just been trying to put my trust in God and work according to that. Luckily it's all been working out for me here in the Long Wood.

                        Well I hope everything is going well back there in that place I call home. It's pretty crazy to be a missionary! I love it though, the things I'm learning, and stuff. It's priceless! I just love life right now. I owe it all to my Savior! Literally every good thing in my life has come from Him in some sort of way! That didn't mean I didn't work for it. But He gave me the strength to push on. Even when things just didn't seem worth it any more. A picture comes to mind that a close friend gave me of Christ. On it is a quote that says "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I know that this life is meant to be a challenge. If it wasn't then why else would we be here. It's also meant to bring great joy, and that's only found through The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know he lives, and I know that he loves us. This is my testimony. I hope you all have an amazing week out there in the UT or where ever you are! #LOVEs!

Love, Elder CEO Crismon.....


 Not sure who this is with Carter, but I am figuring it was at one of his meetings last week.
 This is Carter's new companion Elder Thornock!

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