Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekly update 2/8/2016

The weekly email from Carter.


                               Well I hope everything is going good in the world back home! I know it was super bowl Sunday! Weird..... Literally a year ago it was also super bowl Sunday and I was training
Elder Willard! Time seems to be flying by. Well it was a good week here in Longwood, and also Lake Mary! We had some good success and saw some pretty cool miracles! Also this coming Tuesday is Transfers! Wahoooo! Pretty nuts. They are changing the way they do transfers so I now know who my new comp is. His name is Elder Thornock! I'm training him to be a new zone Leader! Second time I've done that! Wahooo! So I'm excited for this next week!

                             So to start this week was full of finding. After baptizing all of our investigators we had to start finding some more solid ones. Well it happened this week. We found a young man named Patrick! We were going to visit a guy who just had moved in and was less active. As we got there he had his friend Patrick with him, and his friend Patrick has been looking for a church for a while now. We were able to teach this guy about the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith! It was a miracle because we were looking for some more people to teach! Also we were able to continue
teaching Sunny! The guy who just walked into church the last week! We actually set him a baptismal date! Which is pretty cool! It's in March, we are planning on setting another baptismal date this week as well! So if y'all could pray that it goes well! That's be greatttt.....

                             Another cool thing that happened this week was we had MLC. On Thursday we headed on over to Windermere, and we ready to turn up! MLC is a good time, we get to see all of our
bros. I got to talk with Elder Johnson, Doman, Chidester, Egan, Pututau, Ashworth, and Lamgston, and president. Really is just a great time. But it was pretty intense this time around. We had a pretty
heated discussion on one of the topics. It was wild. Fun to participate in though! It's such a cool experience to be a leader in the Florida Orlando mission. I get to help decide on what the mission
needs right now, and what they need to be trained on. Quite the humbling experience. Afterwards is always a classy lunch that had some salad, and pizza.... #Healthy. So this week on Thursday we have
Zone Training Meeting. There I'll be giving training to my zone on what we need to do!

                            A cool little fun fact, my zone this last month lead the mission in baptisms. The best part about it is we are also the smallest zone. #ComeBackCity We did some good work here, this
month is not as looking as fruitful, but hopefully March is. So that's Gucci.

                            So funny story of the week I guess! So my hair is getting kinda long, and a tad bit nappy. So on the day of MLC I thought well I'll try a new hair style.... I just took my hair gel and just went hard in the paint. Well I liked what I saw and I thought It was kinda funny. It wasn't undignified or anything just a little different then what I normally do. So I walk into MLC, and my good friend Elder Ashworth starts just cracking up! Haha He thought it was just freaking funny, like the rest of my bros at the MLC. I mean they said it looked good, not sure if they meant it or not. But I'll take it. I'll be sure to include in this email a picture of what it looked like! Haha

                            Well that was my week in a nutshell. Honestly nothing super crazy to report to you all this morning. I'm grateful for the chance I have to once again train a new zone leader! I'm pretty happy about it. Please pray for me this week, as we head into a crazy week packed full with random stuff!! We have a ZTM, and also that same night we are having a meeting with all of the leadership in
the stake, and president Berry, in which we will be presenting how our zone has been performing the past couple of weeks. I'm excited but it'll all be on me with a new zone leader! It's crazy to think how
much I've changed. Yesterday was the super bowl, yet I honestly wasn't that sad I missed it. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind. Not sure who said it but it's dope "Let us here resolve that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things, does not have the power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto eternal life and salvation." Now we don't really need to sacrifice all things, but the point it makes sticks with me. I love this gospel, and I love the Lord. I also love being a missionary! They say if your willing to die for something it shows loyalty. That's easy though! God doesn't want people who are willing to die for it! He wants people who are willing to live for it, cause that's the true test. This is my conviction! I will be praying for you all this week! I hope you have a great week! Loves!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon.

Shout out to Isabel Jones for signing with Utah!!!!! Wahoooo! #GoUtes
#PAC12 #Leggo

This is the photo of his hair with the gel at Missionary Leadership Counsel! :)

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