Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Update 10/19/2015


Dear family and friends,

                      What a week!!! Another one that I can proudly look back upon and say that I did everything I could to make it great. Key indicator wise this is probably one of, if not thee best week I've ever had in my mission! Something that I can truly be proud of. The high point this week was yesterday, WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! How amazing is that! I'll go into more details about that glorious experience a little later on. Our zone killed it as well. They taught the most since I've been here in Deland! Our zone is just moving forward. Which is what we love! Now we just have to establish this as a standard here in this zone. So WAHOOOOOO!!! As for now I'll go through some of the cool things that happened this week!

                       As A zone leader we get to go on a lot of exchanges. That just means I get to switch comps for a day and go to a different area. It's a good learning experience for both of the
missionaries! This week I went on two. The first one I went on is with a great elder named Elder Lindsay! He is a Spanish missionary, and he came to Daytona with me! While Elder Egan and Elder Harrison stayed in Spanish work for the Day! It was a great time! Elder Lindsay has been out six more weeks then I have, so I got to learn from him a little! It was a good time! Then on Saturday I got to go on an exchange with a guy named Elder Chugg. He's only in his 8th week of the mission, so
that was fun to help him! I even learned from Chugg a little bit. It's cool how the Lord sets it up! Both sides learn from the exchange, even if I'm a zone leader and he's a trainee! Something I'm pretty pumped about, cause I still have lots to learn!

                      So this week in Daytona was Biketoberfest.... It was absolutely nuts! Seriously thousands of bikers came flooding into the area from all over the country. The traffic was horrible around Main Street too. It kinda sucks though because all these bikers just come in and basically get drunk for a couple of days- like a mobile Babylon! Haha!!! Elder Egan said at one point, "I bet there is a lot of sin going down right now..." Haha!! Sad but true! We were informed that it would
be best for us to stay away from all that mess. So we did. Nothing to crazy to report! Although a week ago Elder Egan and I did teach a drunk woman. A member referred us over there saying that she was a member. Which she is, but apparently is going through some hard times.
When we got there she was three sheets to the wind.... Haha! But we talked for a little and shared a scripture! I'm not sure she'll even remember. I just thought it was interesting that she was drunk on a
Monday night! Haha oh well, we'll just pray for her!

                    So yesterday was a great day!! Our investigator Brandi got baptized!!!!!
WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what an amazing day! It was kinda stressful leading up to it, but it all worked out in the end. The baptism service outline was put together my the ward. So it was kinda frustrating because it got done at the last second. If we were able to do it, it would have gotten done a little faster and all would be well. But hey it worked out! My favorite part about a baptism is the spirit you feel during one. It is unmistakable, I absolutely love it! It makes all the hard work and dedication pay off. Brandi was
super happy because she had waited over year to be able be baptized, due to certain circumstances that prevented her from it! But now that she was in Florida she could!!! WAHOO!! I'm very grateful that as a missionary you get a front row seat to watching people's lives change forever. Nothing is more rewarding, and fulfilling!

                     Well that was my week! Really other than the baptism that took place yesterday, nothing too crazy to report. So I guess this will be a smaller one. My companion And I are doing amazing, I love Elder Egan. Just a humble guy who works hard. Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing week this coming week! I'll be praying for you all. Elder Holland said something I think is very true, "As
missionaries we are proud to say we are disciples of Jesus Christ and we are, but mark my words you must be prepared to walk something of the path he walked, to feel something, a little of the pain he felt." I really feel that line is true! I mean I've felt sorrow on my mission more so than I've felt so far in my Life. But I can proudly say that I now know that this church is true, and that Jesus Christ did in fact feel my pain and my sorrows. Because he has helped me, and lifted me to places I never before thought was possible. This Church is true and I will proudly Declare it! Wahooooo!!! Loves!!!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon
             A.K.A.- Donkey Brolic

 Carter with Brandi and Elder Egan at the baptism!
 Daytona Beach from a balcony they were at recently.
 This is true Carter form! LOVE IT! haha!
 Enjoying a burrito I am guessing! I requested more pics so I'll take what I can get! Haha!

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