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Weekly Update 10/05/2015

Weekly UpDaTe

 Well this week has officially been an emotional roller coaster. With lots of ups and triumphs to some of the saddest moments on my mission. To start this week was MLC and or Mission Leadership Council of which I'm now a part of. I'll expound more on that later! It was also super depressing cause on Saturday Elder Doman and I found out that we will no longer be companions. That
he's getting transferred! Talk about depressing. I truly feel like I've found my long lost brother. We were pretty sad. So I guess I'll just go into my week!!!

                           So I guess I'll start with MLC. The Mission Leadership Council is dope. It's like that popular group in high school almost! Lol. It's comprised of all of the zone leaders, the sister training leaders, the assistants, and president Berry! So there was about 25 people there. It was way fun! We sat and discussed things that would help the mission progress forward. I also loved it because
most of my closest friends I've made in the mission field are a part of the MLC. Elder Johnson is a part of it as well! So that was cool to see him! Elder Doman and I had a very good time and took a lot away from the meeting! Now this coming week we get to take what we learned and teach it to our zones in Zone Training Meeting! That's this coming week! I'm super pumped for that! Elder Doman said its the closest thing to game day! Haha I'm excited to help lead my zone by training and motivating them! I'm most likely going to give basically a pump up speech and act like a coach! To really motivate these elders and sisters to get things moving!

                            So cool miracle for the week! We have been meeting with this guy named Brother Spurlin.  He's a less active that I've mentioned before. We met with him a couple of times this past
week. With it being general conference we were hopeful for him to be able to make it! As we prayed that he would make it he committed to come to the priesthood session of conference on Saturday night. Elder Doman and I waited anxiously for our Friend to arrive! And finally he did! He actually got there 10 minutes early and we were able to talk with him for a while! He enjoyed his time at the priesthood session! It was a very cool miracle that we were able to witness! Another cool miracle happened as well. Some of you may remember a woman named Brandi who we used to teach. She was supposed to be baptized but had to move due to job opportunities. Well turns out she didn't move and this week we got in contact with her!!! We are now going to start teaching her again, and she wants to be baptized in this ward!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO so hopefully that means a baptism coming in the next two weeks!!!!

                          So as I mentioned before Elder Doman will be leaving Daytona come Tuesday. It's been an amazing six weeks that truly feels like it's been cut short. Not once did we fight, or argue!
He's become one of my best friends! Being a zone leader with him has truly been a pleasure! I'm grateful for the chance I've had to serve with him! It's been the opportunity of a lifetime! It's gonna be kinda crazy this coming Tuesday cause I'll get another compadre! Who knows who it will be! I'm pretty nervous though cause it could be a new guy! I'm not only taking over an area, now I'm pretty much taking over the zone. Well at least for the first week or so. Kinda scary, but kinda fun! It's gonna be a great learning experience!! WAHOOOOO!!

                          Well I also hope everyone enjoyed conference. I sure did!! It was a good one and an exciting one! Especially with three new apostles called! I learned a lot from watching! I just want to bare my personal testimony of the savior Jesus Christ. He lives, I know he does. He stands at the right hand of the father and is an advocate in our behalf! He loves us to the bitter end, and sustains us when we feel all else has failed! As a missionary sometimes I feel completely inadequate for this work At which I'm attempting to accomplish, but the nice thing is that this is his work. That means that it will get done, and that he will qualify me to do it! As I watched conference it was reconfirmed to me that this is the only True and Living Church upon the Face of the Earth! I say it boldly because it's true. I mean just think of it for one second! With all the rules and regulations of a missionary you'd think I'd be miserable, but I'm not! I have this gospel to thank for it! I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing week! I'll be praying for you all! Hopefully I hear form some of you as well!!! Wahoooooooooo

Elder Crismon

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