Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weekly Update 10/12/2015

WEEKLY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Well what a crazy week! Just another normal one here in Daytona! Couple changes though! I have a new companion! His name is Elder Egan! He is from Pocatello Idaho! He's been out on his mission for about 9 months. Here's the crazy part, I've only been a zone leader for 1 transfer. Elder Doman trained me on how to do it! Now Elder Egan is a brand new zone leader! I have to train him! It's not hard, but it's just hard to believe that President would trust me with a new one right off the bat! So I'm kind of leading it out here in the Deland Zone and I love it! This week was our First ZTM as well and the crazy part is neither of us have ever ran one before! I'll talk about that more a little later! A great week though full of fun miracles here in Daytona, Florida!!! Wahoooooooo!

                     So I guess first I'll talk about our ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was crazy because I've never had to run one before and here I am, all of the sudden the senior companion, planning
one! Kinda scary! Luckily Elder Doman and I already had a pretty good idea of what needed to be said! So Elder Egan and I just went to work and planned it officially. Another funny thing is the night before the AP's called saying "Hey guys, we just realized you have never planned a ZTM! Haha We were wondering if you had any questions?" We didn't, but we were pumped! We killed it! It was a great ZTM! We just helped missionaries learn how to find people to teach, apply it, and gave
them motivation to do it! It was great! The training I gave was the very last one. It was the motivation part! It was entitled "Fear God, Not Man" apparently it was great! One of the STL's said it was a tear
Jerker! Haha it was great though! I'm grateful I did so well! It was the best training I've given so far!!

                      So funny story of the week! We went to help one of Grandpas friends install a computer, and do some other things. Grandpa is crazy as you all know! He's an 85 year old man, and knows he can get away with anything pretty much. So after the person we helped decided to take us to Texas Roadhouse! Now I'm not gonna complain about that, everyone loves that place and so so I! So as at most Texas roadhouses there are cute waitresses, and we had one. She was very nice and doing a good job. Now grandpa being the way he is just couldn't leave her alone with out messing with her a bit. So he ordered a grilled chicken salad. He expected it to be like chicken salad that
you put on a sandwich, well it wasn't! So he said something to the waitress. She felt bad and asked what she could do to make it better. And grandpa says "You could sit on my lap" LOL!!!! We all died!!!! That was the last thing we were expecting out of his mouth! Luckily she was laughing too, because he's 85. She offered him a hug, and he took it!! Hahaha freaking hilarious!!!

                       We had a great week here in Daytona. Lots of cool little miracles. I want to thank all of those who prayed for me! It truly was felt. I feel that Heavenly Father just blesses me more
than I ever deserve! All of you that prayed for me and my companion this week really helped so thank you! This next week will be a tough one, we are gonna have a lot of real heart to hearts with our investigators. No one is progressing, it sucks real bad!! Hopefully some people decide to make some changes in their lives!! People please don't be stubborn, just let God work his magic and make you who he needs you to be. Crazy miracle. So on Friday night we got a call from a guy named Bill in Utah! His less active sister was in the ICU of the Daytona Hospital and things were not looking good. So we went straight way to go and give her a blessing. She was visiting for Biketoberfest.... Haha Her non-Mormon boyfriend was there as well! Great guy named James. I guess before we got there she had been talking to her Dad, who had been dead for 5 years. So they were very
scared. We gave her a blessing and I was the one who said it. I guess right after we left, the doctors came in and told them that the problem had started to stop, and that she would make it!! #Priesthoodpower Probably one of the coolest experiences of my mission. The spirit was strong and you can't stand in a situation like that and say there is no God.

                     Well in closing a HUGE miracle!!! So this a couple of weeks ago Elder Doman and I were supposed to have a baptism. Her name was Brandi, but before she had to go to New York for a killer job opportunity. Well as it turns out she couldn't leave, unknown to us, and then she got pneumonia! Well two weeks later we finally called her, cause we hadn't heard anything! She told us that she was staying a while longer and would actually return to Daytona after a month in New York!!!! So SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! We are so very excited and it's a huge miracle. We are so very pumped, so please Pray for Brandi and us as we approach the day. They call the last week before the baptism the Red Zone!!!
Well thank you for all the love and support! Shout out to iPod!!📱

Love, Elder Crismon

We received this picture along with the following text last Saturday before his weekly email:

"These two just gave my sister the most beautiful blessing. Thank u" 
 What a wonderful blessing to US to hear him tell the story and to receive a thank you from the family he served! So blessed! :)

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