Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weekly Update 9/28/2015

Weekly update,

                          Well it was a good week. Full of different activities. Elder Doman and I had a good week in our area. We really worked hard and saw some miracles. It's been tough cause we've had to
drop some of our investigators. Which is always tough because you don't want to do that! One thing I've learned is that this gospel is a gospel of change. If you aren't willing to change then you aren't
gonna go anywhere! Especially if you want to see miracles and blessings. As I've allowed my  mission to change me it hasn't made me a different person, it's just purified my good qualities. And helped me over come my short comings! I'm still Carter Crismon, I'm just a better version. Something that causes me excitement! So I'll go into my week!

                             So as my mission has progressed onward it's been interesting to see how the Lord has tested me. Each time it's rough. He always gives me enough to push through! It's also cool to watch how he does that for our investigators and less actives. This week we met with a guy who left the church. He was offended by a bishop while he was going through a hard time! His wife invited us to come over and chat with him! He is such a great guy and does everything else that he's supposed to do, except go to church! As we sat with him we had a very spiritual experience and lesson! Elder
Doman and I really felt the love for this guy. We felt bad for him and knew that God loved him and that God had sent us to him! It was a great lesson and we all left with a renewed sense of commitment to follow the Lord! It's cool cause it says in the scriptures that if you teach right that will happen and it happens all he time!!! Wahoooo!

                             Funny story for the week! BYU's football team!!! #LOL haha but that's okay cause my beloved Oregon got beaten handily this week as well by Utah! #GoUtes Just a thought though, in the last 6 years Oregon has the best overall record. Just a thought.  But time for the real story! So Elder Doman and I decided to knock on a couple of doors right by a potential investigators place. So we were trying to make it fun! So we were singing and dancing. If you can imagine these too big guys doing that! But anyways so as I was singing we went and knocked an this door, I was still singing, and had no shame! So suddenly a woman answers the door laughing pretty hard. She
had heard me singing and thought it was funny! She then decided to listen to us as well, so it was a cool experience. She took a pamphlet, but said we couldn't come back! But we'll try again in a
while! Cause you never know!

                            This week for our zone was rough. We Just have a bunch of whack-o-mole missionaries! One week they do great and do everything right! Then the next they just blow it.... It sucks and it's very frustrating. So we've decided that it's time to change the culture down here in the Deland zone! We are just gonna shake things up and commit all the missionaries to go ALL IN!!! Cause that's what we needed, missionaries who are willing to go through the wall to make
things happen! We are so pumped to help these missionaries! I so enjoy being a zone leader. It really is very fun. It heals the soul to help other people keep pushing and serving them! Plus Elder Doman is such a good guy, we get along very well! The best of friends! Hopefully we stay together this next transfer! So please pray for that!!!

                             So it was a good week. Happy with what's been happening with us, and not happy with the zone! Haha I'm excited to see what the future has in store. I hope everyone is doing well
back home! I look forward to hearing from you guys, your emails and letters really do help me a lot. I'm doing well! If any of you have questions for me please ask! I hope you all have a good week this
coming week and I'll be praying for you!

Love, Elder Crismon!

Some pictures from this week:
 Playing volleyball at the beach!
 Carter at Daytona Beach!
 Beach picture- he said someone else took this picture! He didn't want to take credit! It is GORGEOUS!!
 Carter and another Elder
 The group that morning on the beach!
 Carter & Elder Doman!

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