Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Update 9/7/15


                 Hello ladies and gentleman! It's been a pretty good week! Well actually Elder Doman and I went hard. We had the best week I've ever had in the mission! Like holy cow! Even with fast Sunday! I almost died, and we have just been going around having the time of our lives. I love being a missionary. I love being a Zone Leader as well. It's such a great responsibility to have. The zone did well this week. But we are still pretty content, and we addressed that last night with a swift rebuking. Haha Not really, but we did have a conference call with all of the district leaders and just motivated them. We got in their face a little bit and just told them that we need to raise the bar. It was good! So hopefully that will show forth some fruit this week! 

                So to start off I'll tell the story of when I almost died. On Saturday we went on my first exchange as a zone leader. I went to Bunnell or AKA hick town. It also includes Palm Coast, which is just a bunch of old people. I was with Elder Davis, which was weird because at one point he was my District leader. Haha But it was fun. Well that morning we had a service project. The city of Palm Coast were doing a clean up the streets thing, basically we were just picking up trash. Elder Davis and I and one of the Sister companionships were walking down this path picking up trash. When suddenly it began to rain, pretty heavily. Now I HATE being wet. So this sucked! haha We decided to keep going. Then lighting struck about 1 mile away from us so we started to walk back to shelter. It was about a 5 minute walk. Then lighting struck again, about the same distance away, this time louder though. Then suddenly lighting cracked across the sky literally right over us and there was no separation between the light and sound. The ground actually shook a little bit. So we began to sprint back! It was terrifying! While running I had a prayer in my heart that we would be safe. Luckily we all made it to safety! It was crazy! You just don't see lighting storms like that in Utah! God was definitely watching over us!!

              So funny story time! So Elder Doman and I have been just having a total ball! We are best friends! We've been messing with people as well. As many of you know I am notorious for fake walking into doors and stuff. Getting people to look and wonder "is that guy okay?" Or "that fat guy just walked into a door". So what elder Doman and I have been doing is pretty funny and very similar! The process is as follows! While in our car we first slide the front seat all the way back, then Elder Doman rolls up to a red light and slams on the brakes, while I hold the thing to slide the chair, and FLY forward fake hitting my head on the dash! Hahahahahahaha it's Pretty freaking funny!! We've gotten probably about 100 people with this! They always end up laughing! Haha Once we got this large group of black girls! Haha It was hilarious! They all were like Whoa!!!!!!!!! So we've been driving around going hard, and having fun! 

            So cool spiritual experience time. So we have a cool Less active guy named Billy! He's awesome! He has been inactive for a while. He recently had a heart attack and while in the hospital sought out the church to receive a blessing. We've been working with him now for about 4 weeks. This Sunday was fast Sunday and we encouraged him to fast. He has Type 2 diabetes and so it would be hard. But we told him God would just bless him more! So he decided to do it! He started to fast on Saturday at 12 and would end at 12 the next day! We were so pumped! He fasted for strength as he goes into the doctor to see if he'll need follow up surgery! The best part of it was this. At church the next day during the testimony meeting. He went up and bore his testimony. This was only his 2nd time back in church after 25 or so years. It was an amazing testimony! He talked about how one of his regrets is that he never bore his testimony for his Mom. It was a really spiritual testimony! He finished his 24 hour fast. Pretty freaking awesome! Adds to my testimony of the fast! The Lord uplifts anyone who needs help when they fast! It's truly amazing! So if you need help FAST!!!! 

          So it's been a good week. Like I said Key Indicator (numbers) wise the best week I've ever had on my mission!! I'm super pumped about that! Elder Doman is a great guy. We are both pretty stressed out about this week. On Tuesday is Zone conference. Half the mission is getting together for a little revelatory Pow Wow. I'm pretty nervous because I have to give a 10 minute Safeguards training. I'm pretty nervous! President Berry wants me to give it! So please pray for me! About 130 missionaries will be in attendance! So hopefully I do well! But thank you all for your support and all of the letters. Hopefully I get some mail from some friends here soon.... Haha but fo' reals. I'll be praying for you guys this week! Have a great one! 

Elder Crismon!!

 While out and about Elder Doman and Carter found Utah Drive! Haha!
 They also REALLY liked the football game I sent in his most recent box! This is the set up and when they get the chance they'll play a game or two! :)

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