Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Update 9/14/15


                       Well what a good week for little ol' Elder Crismon. With zone conference, and exchange, and lots of teaching, my week was chalked full of fun stuff and stress! The thing that seems to be bugging me the most is I'm just always tired and it sucks! Haha But I'm loving life. We also had some downs, we found out that one of our investigators could be moving. She has a date! So hopefully she will be baptized before she leaves! Which is looking like is the most possible outcome! So pray that it happens! Also this week I officially hit my year mark. Crazy to think that in less then a year I'll be done with my mission. It makes me sad... 

                      So to start off this last Tuesday was zone conference! It was a great conference! It got started at the bright and early time of 6:30am so we had to wake up at 4:40 to make it on time! We had to run car checks and make sure that those who wanted flu shots got them. It was stressful! But lots of fun! After that madness zone conference itself began. I was actually #2 on the docket! I gave a safeguards thought to the mission. The safeguards are ideas that the church has given to us missionaries to help us from falling into making a mistake using iPads. So I gave a 10 minute training! Everyone said it was a great training! I got multiple comments on it! I felt very good as I was up there! So thank you for all your prayers they were definitely felt as I gave my training. Our mission president dropped a bomb on the mission as well. He changed the music rules and we can only listen to things on So that was crazy! We actually knew it was coming, but it's still pretty crazy! I must admit I've seen blessings already from following his council! 

                     So the coolest blessing this week happened! So I was in desperate need of a new suit. You see the other one was too small and just not as nice! Well good ol' Grandpa is the man. I love that guy! He had a brand new suit that he had never worn. He bought it three years ago. Well he didn't want it and it just happened to fit me just perfect. It's a super awesome suit! It's a navy colored suit with pin stripes! It's dark blue, and it's classy! It looks like what the seventies wear when they come to our mission! He also hooked me up with some new shoes! Grandpa is the man, the myth, and the legend! Just so very grateful for him! He actually gave it to me on my year mark day! It was a good present from him. A tender mercy from the Lord! God does answer prayers! 

                       So funny story of the week. As Zone leaders we go on lots of exchanges. Just about every four days I'm in a new area for a day! Haha So we scheduled an exchange for this week with a couple of Elders. And well there was a slight miscommunication.... #LOL In our zone everyone is really spread out from each other. So we get members to give us rides. Well we decided that they were gonna get a ride on Friday night or the start of the exchange! So as I packed at 8:50pm and waited for a while they just never came. Finally at 9:30 we called them asking where the heck they were! And they had thought we were going over there! Hahaha So we had to cancel the thing because they live a good 45 minute drive away, and 1 and a half hour round trip! I'm actually a little grateful we didn't cause I needed to get a grip on my new area and now I'm more confident than I was before! 

                      Well it's been a good week. Lots of ups and downs. One of the highlights is on Thursday nights we got permission from our mission president to play basketball with the Elders quorum! It's a lot of fun and we ball hard. I'm talking #Kobe haha We have a good time! I'm getting better and better at this whole basketball thing. Elder Doman and I are still just loving life up here in Daytona. We've been working hard and teaching like maniacs. We get along great and I just love serving with this guy! Hopefully we get to do another one together! I know that the work that we do out here and around the world to be true. It's tough, and it really is he hardest thing I've ever done. But just as Elder Holland put it "Missionary work is hard, because salvation is not a cheap experience." As a disciple of Christ life is not easy but we are just paying a token of the price that Jesus the Christ himself paid. The church is true and I know it! I wish you all the best of luck this coming week. I'll be praying for all of you! I hope you feel my prayers! Cause I feel yours! I look forward to hearing from you guys! Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Crismon!

A few pictures he sent this week:
 This is a picture of his hair cut! He's been getting a laser part and he likes it! I do too!
 This is a new bag he got himself! W.T.D means "Win the Day"
 These are some new shoes that "Grandpa" got him this week! Very nice!
 He also gave Carter these glasses... not so sure about those! Haha!
 Carter bought this watch for himself too- very nice!
 This is "Grandpa"! Seems like a very cool guy! He looks like the kind of guy that has good stories to tell! :)
This is a picture of a Florida sunrise- gorgeous!

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