Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Update 9/22/2015


                      Well we had a great week. Lots of fun things and lots of things to be happy about down here in Florida! Today in this email I'll highlight a couple of really cool things that I'm pretty pumped about and that are making life fun! Elder Doman and I had an amazing week this week as well. We taught the most lessons that I ever have again. It seems like every week we set a goal and get it, it's truly amazing! Plus the zone did well! So I guess we'll just get started! 

                      So to start today I'll share a funny story. So this is actually from the week before but I had forgotten to mention it. So I went on an exchange to a Spanish area! Well those are crazy. We stopped by a less active member. They had just cooked dinner and offered us some! They were very nice. Well the food they gave us was well... crazy. They gave us some rice, but piled on top of that was a whole Pig's foot. #freakinggross Seriously it was just a whole pigs foot. They just like cook the thing bone and all! Haha It's really yummy. Haha so I tried some, and let me tell you it was the most gross thing ever. It was like a fat that tasted like nasty pork. No Bueno. The guy who gave it to us laughed at me as I gagged it down! 

                     So another funny thing that happened was on Tuesday night we had an exchange with the assistants to the president. I was staying here in Daytona, and Doman was going to my old stomping grounds in Hunters Creek! So they get here, and we are chatting it up having just the darnedest time. Then we realize that we have a super important dinner the next day. That both Elder Doman and I need to attend. Now I'm in the furthest place away from everyone else. Like we are way up there! So because it's an hour and a half drive to their area they usually stay the night and go the next morning. Well we had decided that it would be best if we just didn't do the exchange. So they stayed the night and left the next morning. Hahaha it was the weirdest thing. They literally drove 1 hour and half at 9:00 just to sleep over and leave the next morning! Haha pretty weird. 

                  Another fun thing that happened this week was on Sunday. We were visiting this girl, she's been less active for a while, but is returning! She's showing some really cool signs of improvement! We were stoked about That! So while we were sharing our message with her suddenly one of her hung over roommates wakes up and runs to the bath room. She then starts to "sing praises to the porcelain throne"... It was pretty funny. To be teaching somebody and have Someone puking their guts out in the back! Haha She then came to the front and was like "I Feel Great!!" Haha it was really funny. 

                In our area specifically Elder Doman and I killed it! On Saturday we went on an exchange with some elders. I stayed here in Daytona and took over for the first time since I've been here! It went absolutely amazing! We taught 11 lessons in one day. Quite spectacular! Never in my life did I think that was possible, but our area is on fire. We just had some sick planning and were able to use our time super effectively! It was a huge blessing! Then also we had a lot of our less active and recent converts come to church! Which was really cool! That always feels very nice! 

                In other news I went on an exchange to a place called Deltona. This place is nuts. It's literally just houses and trees everywhere! It just has the weirdest feeling to it. These elders there had been struggling. So we went on an exchange to just lift their spirits and show them what's possible! It was a great exchange. The guy I went with was elder Thayne! He's from Northern Utah, and is a way cool guy! The crazy part is he graduated in 2015.... So I'm a whole year older then him. Totally blew my mind kinda! Usually I'm used to being the one that is younger. But not this time! We had fun though! The only thing I didn't like was that creepy house they live in. 4 elders used to stay there. Now it's only 2, it's a huge house. At least 1,800 square feet, that's a lot for missionaries! So it just feels empty, I wasn't a huge fan of it! But I got over it and just had the time of my life! 

            Well that was my week in a nutshell! Super good one, with lots of cool miracles in my area and around the zone! We are just trying to turn things around up here, Elder Doman and I. And we finally feel that our efforts may be paying off! Now the trick is to keep our missionaries hungry! And motivated to keep pushing! Thank you for all the support! I hope y'all enjoyed this email! Have an absolutely amazing week, and I'll be praying for you guys!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO 

Love, Elder Crismon 

Some pictures from this week:
 Carter & Elder Doman

 A Lighthouse- he didn't say from where
 Florida sunrise! :)
 Carter showing off his new suit from "Grandpa"
 The Elders goofing off! Haha!

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