Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Update 8/24/2015

The week!

               Well what an absolutely crazy week. With lots of ups and downs. Just as newtons law states "For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction". I know that to be true this week. The sad news is that I have been transferred out of Buena Vista. It really sucks. I'm pretty bummed out about that! I truly loved this area, by far my favorite! I think it helps that it was a YSA ward! I learned a lot about how to work with people, and how to be diligent! I also learned a lot about leading! I'm very thankful I've had the chance to serve here! 

             Well I guess one of the cool things that happened this week is I went in an exchange with good ol' Elder Gooch! He's the man! We had lots of fun! We went to night games and taught a couple of lessons! Night games is a good time! We just play volleyball with all the ward members! The reason we go is because it's a great missionary opportunity! It's seriously such a good time! Elder Gooch had fun! I've actually become a better volleyball player since I've been in this ward! Wahoooooo so be ready peeps, cause I'm a beast now in volleyball! Haha But me and Elder Gooch had a productive day! We got lots of fun stuff done! 

              We had a stressful moment this week. As most of you know we had a baptism this week! Which almost didn't happen. You see Lexsy actually lives outside of our area! Because she's YSA (young single adult) we can still teach her! Buena vista is YSA only! But she actually lived outside of the stake! So Elder Hoskin and I had to call President Berry, and make sure it was good. Well he told us that he'd get back to us! So we waited, and waited, and then waited again! Finally after three phone calls, and two voice mails. He gets back to us the night before telling us we are good to go!! HOLY COW I JUST ABOUT DIED!!!!! Hahaha it 'twas very stressful! 

             So the highlight of the week.... LEXSY'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooo what an amazing experience. I'll make sure to include some pictures from it in this email. But it was great and she has a very strong testimony of the gospel. It makes me very happy! Our journey with her started only 5 weeks ago, but it was a crazy five weeks! It culminated in an amazing baptism. Just like a huge win over a rival, or getting an A in a class. Getting a baptism is the highlight of mission life. It's the amazing and indescribable feeling, that rejuvenates. It's very literally a child of God making a sacred covenant with him. And the feeling there is amazing. I imagine that's what heaven may feel like. Lexsy is great! Funny story, so beforehand we had to speed up filling the font, so we had to use plastic bags to help fill it faster! #lol #anythingforabaptism

             Well in other news. On Sunday I received a Phone call from president Berry, Informing me that I have been called to be a Zone Leader. What an honor, and I look forward to being able to help missionaries! For those of you who don't know a Zone leader is the next step up from a district leader. Generally him and his comp are in charge of 30 missionaries, give or take. There are only 14 in this mission, and I've been called as one! So please pray for me in my new role! I'm pretty nervous! But also excited! 

             Well it's been a good week. Over all one of the better in my entire mission! I loved it! It was full  of life, and made me better! I hope all of you are doing well! Thank you for your emails and encouragement! It really does inspire me to be better! I would like to end with my witness of the Savior, I know that He lives. That He stands in the right hand of the father. That he did indeed preform the magnificent atonement! That this church that I proudly represent is HIS church on the earth, and that by obedience to his gospel we can and will be saved in the kingdom of God. This church is true, and I love it! I'll be praying for all of you! Have an absolutely amazing week, and I look forward to filling you in on where I'm going, and who my new comp is!!!! Wahoooooo!!!

Elder Crismon

 Carter's baptism with Lexsy!
 A silly picture of Carter's District! :)

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