Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Update 8/17/2015

Dear family and friends!!

           Well this was a good week! Lots of ups and lots of downs! I
had lots of fun. So that's good! I guess the coolest thing going on is
we are having a baptism this coming Sunday! Wahooooooo how awesome is
that! We are very very excited about that! We also had an interview this
week, and the district did very well this week as well. Although I'm
pretty stressed out still!

          So I guess first things first we have a baptism this coming
week! Wahooooo that's so awesome! We are very excited about that! Her
name is Lexsy, and she is so solid! She is the most solid investigator
I have ever taught. It's so awesome! We really feel a special
connection with her! She's one of those people I was meant to find and
baptize! I'm absolutely positive about that! I will be confirming her
this Sunday as well and that's special! So pray that Lexsy will have a
good week this week. This is what we call the red zone! So hopefully
she makes it through! We are very excited! Wahooooo

        So on Thursday of this week we had interviews with President.
Those are always fun. In preparation he had asked us what we wanted to
improve! What I decided to tell him that I was gonna improve the
little things day by day. I am a big believer in improving the little
things! The little things are what will kill yah in the famous words of
my Dad! Haha but I had a good interview with him! I'm very happy about
That! We at the same time had a district meeting! It was a really good
one! The district loved it and they were very motivated!

        While we are on that subject our district actually had a great
week. We set a goal of 16 member presents, and we had 18!!!!! We
actually led the zone! Wahoooooo It's pretty freaking awesome! My
district is on the rise. Everyone either had a killer week, or made
great improvements! I was super stoked!! So were the zone leaders!

        Well today was district P-Day and we combined districts and
played laser tag! It was dope! We had a very good time, we played
three games, and I was a winner in all three! Wahoooooo Funny thing
that happened this week- So every four months or so new College
Programmers come in. Well one of them I happened to know!! Her name is
Lauren Handy!!!!! Wahoooooo how crazy is that! Can't believe I know
somebody in the ward! She's great!

         It was a killer good week, I'm very happy! I know this was a
short one, but I promise I'll do better next week! I hope you all have
an absolutely amazing week! You guys are all great! Another cool thing
that happened this week is we set a date for baptism for a guy named
Vaughn! He's such a good guy! He's actually gonna take us to BBQ on
Friday!!!! Wahoooooo! This area is killing it! And I'm super happy.
Keep praying for me! I still have those tough times too! Haha There
were a couple of those this week, but we just kept truckin' through! I
know this church is true! I know with all my heart! Have a great

Love, Elder Crismon!!

 Carter sent a few pictures along with his email this week! I have NO idea how he got this shot, but I LOVE IT!! I already added it to his main page! :)
 I'm not sure who these guys are! But it's a great glimpse of what they are doing!
 This is skinny Elder Crismon!! He has lost a significant amount of weight! He is lookin' GOOD!!!

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  1. Holy cow Carter I thought that was a photo of Will. You've lost weight! Thank you so much for your posts. You are helping my boys and I prepare for their missions through your experiences. I know the Lord will continue to bless your family and yourself! Much love - Bro Nelson