Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekly Update 7/6/15

Weekly update............

                 Well again this week was spectacular to say the least. We put a lot of hard work in, a lot! We also taught a crap ton of people. Also we got to go on exchanges with the lovely assistants. Which was an absolute party. Got to see some of my converts in the Hunters Creek ward! The district did well! But of course as usual they have room to improve! Had a killer ZTM, and really got motivated to keep it going! And to top it off had one of the most memorable 4th of July ever. So I guess we'll just get started!

                So to start off this week we topped last weeks performance in lessons taught. We also set two new baptismal dates. The first one was with Scott, for the 26th of July. He's a great guy! Missionaries have been working with him for a while, but he just hasn't been ready. This week we got the go to start teaching him again. And allow him to be baptized! The other was with a guy named Justin! He's a really cool dude, and has some killer questions! He is prepared, and loves the things we've taught him already. His date is for the 16th of August. So a little ways out, but it gives us time to help him progress! We are very excited to see what this next transfer has in store! Since this is the last week of this one! Time flies! We have four weeks in a row with baptisms coming in July and August. Pretty crazy! Now we just have to pray that all goes well!!

                Well on Tuesday Elder Lavin and I had the privilege of going on exchanges with the Assistants to the president. Elders Tucker and Call!! Both are outstanding guys! Elder Lavin went with Tucker and I went with call! Elder Call goes home in about a week. He plays football for Dartmouth! He's a beast, and plays o-line! But he's lost weight and will probably play tight-end!! We had way too much fun on our little exchange! We got to go with them because there is only sister missionaries in my district!! So we had ourselves a little party! Hahaha I learned a lot from Elder Call. He's a very good missionary and works very hard! We have a lot in common, like our love for rap! Haha We got to go and see my recent converts the Ford-Whileys!! Well I only saw Sally and David! But it was still a treat to go see them! They are super awesome! It took me back to all of the super awesome miracles that took place back there in the good ol' Hunters Creek with Elder Bagshaw! They are doing great though! It was truly a tender mercy of the Lord to be able to see them! I loved being able to go in an exchange! I really love our beautiful AP's. They are amazing. 

              So Saturday was, as you all know, the Fourth of July!! What a just freaking great holiday! The best around if you ask me!! Plus people here in Orlando just get turnt on that night! Hahahaha but after Elder Lavin and I had taught 7 lessons in a day, we met up with our beloved zone leaders. Elders Scott and Gooch! Two of the greatest guys of all time! Haha We went to some other missionaries apartment for a little, even though we left before they even got there. They had a perfect view of all the fireworks going on in the Orlando area! Pretty killer! Nevertheless all four of us just turned up, and went ham for about 1 and a half hours! Until about 10:00!! Then we went home cause we couldn't stay out late! We went and got twisty treat at like 9:35 which is super killer ice cream! I love our zone leaders and it was definitely a tender mercy to just get to hang out with them! I really do look up to them! 

              Funny story, so this week we went to Lowes on a surprise visit to a recent convert who works there named Uno. Well as we were talking with him he had to do something. Cause he's the manager! Well this guy standing behind us looks at my companion Elder Lavin on the face and says-"You have beautiful eyes....." Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha probably the most awkward thing of my life. Hahahaha I seriously just cracked up right there, in Lowes, in the plant section! As it turns out this guy is pretty dope. So we had a good conversation. But what he said was seriously pretty freaking funny! 

             Well there was my week in a nut shell!! Seriously a lot happened. But I highlighted the good things! I love my mission! And I love this church, and most importantly I love the Lord Jesus Christ! There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't help me overcome some obstacles! How great is it to know that He's there no matter what. And that through him we can do all things. That is the message of hope that we share, but not only share, but live. This gospel is true, and this church is the only true and living church on the face of the planet! And by living its precepts you can find more peace than anything else! This is what I Know. I wish you all the best of luck on this coming week! I appreciate the love and support, and shortage of letters and mail......... Have a great week everyone!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Love, Elder Crismon!!!


Carter was also able to go to a wax museum and was kind enough to share some photos! These are too funny!!
 Carter and Will Smith!
 Carter and ET!
 Carter and good ol' Abraham Lincoln!
 Carter and Katniss Everdeen!
And lastly, Carter with Oprah Winfrey! He said in this picture that Oprah had just given him a Ferarri! Hahaha! Tears of joy I suppose! Hahaha!

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