Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Update 7/27/15

Another day, another dollar!

          Well what a good week. Just all around it was solid! Had a lot of ups and not a lot of downs! The highlight of course being we got to go to the temple on Friday! There is nothing like waking up early to go to the House of God. What makes it more special is that it's all missionaries who take part. The spirit is there, and I had a very good time! The cares of the world just seem to melt away as you enter that sacred edifice! It's a blessing to have a temple in my area, and it was a huge one to be able to go! My soul was touched and I know that the temples are the house of God!

        So other things happened other then the temple this week! Haha that was just kinda the climax! I'll go through some of the other major things that impacted our area! The first one being WERE HAVING A BAPTISM NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO This young mans name is Scott. He is the man! And I love him! He's been taught by missionaries for a couple months now. He has an interesting story. The reason he started to investigate the church is cause he thought he could prove it wrong. Well after literally hundreds, maybe almost thousands of hours of research, he can't. The saying, "if yah can't beat'em join'em" rings true. He has been changed and this week he had his baptismal interview. And he passed, we got the Okay from the mission presidency to continue with his baptism! What a miracle! He is awesome and I seriously cannot wait for this guy. I've been working with him for a while now and I really went to battle for him! So now that he's getting baptized I'm ecstatic!!! His search just started as an honest search for truth and now he's found it! Haha

      Another cool thing that happened is I went on an exchange with Elder Yates who is one of the new zone leaders in my zone! He is a great guy! We had way to much fun! He's from Michigan, and he's way funny! He's kinda quiet, but it's quiet confidence! He's a track athlete as well, so that was fun! We had a very good time and taught a couple of cool people! We went to the notorious "Walk" at the college program housing down at Disney! We contacted for 3 hours and had so much fun doing it! Elder Tucker (he used to serve in my area) one of the AP's told me that you just need to put all your fears on the alter of sacrifice and just go for it! Haha so that's exactly what we did! We went hard and talked to a lot of Asians and French people. Met a crazy atheist and helped Chinese peeps take their groceries to their houses! #goaboutdoinggood We had a good night too! I learned some good things from Elder Yates!

       So another crazy thing is in my district meeting this week the assistants to the president randomly just appeared. We call them the AP's and mission president calls them to help him run the mission. So in a way these guys are my bosses, Since I'm the district leader. I love them though! Elders Tucker and Langsten! Both very funny dudes! So it was fun having them! I just hate when they magically pop in! Hahaha But I had a very good district meeting! They said it went great and that I gave a great training! So that's good. Glad I didn't blow it! Haha

      So this weeks funny story. On Friday night Elder Hoskin and I were out walking in apartment complex. This guy yells down to us from a second story porch and asks us if we do real estate. Well I am not smart enough for that stuff! Haha but we start talking to him! So we went up there and well he was a little cra cra. Well this dude just rolls a joint and starts just getting high right in front of us!!! Hahaha It was so Funny! He was like "Guys I'm way to high to comprehend anything Ya'll are saying...." We were trying to be simple too! It was crazy! He also had like three 100 dollar bills! So he may have been a drug dealer! Haha It just kinda showed me how weed can mess with yah! This guy was just too far gone for anything. And I'm not sure if he'll really get anywhere in life. Kinda sad, but we did what we could to help!

     So that was my week and some highlights. It was a good week! We saw some other cool miracles on a daily basis, but it would take to long to go through them! Elder Hoskin and I have been working really really hard. I've been trying to improve every day. That's all that matters. My mommy sent me a quote that I love. Small daily improvements are the key to long term success! That's what I'm shooting for! This church is true. I've truly felt it, it's more then just in my own mind, more than any thing else. More then a placebo effect, I know that God is real. With the blessing abounding all around, really what other proof would yah need? This church is true, whether or not we fully understand what that means it matters not. All that does matter is that it's true! A person giving a talk yesterday said something that has stuck with me. She said "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?" It's true and by being a full faith member, you will find more happiness then any where else! If any one has questions please ask! It's what I do! I hope you all enjoyed my email! And I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Crismon,

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