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Weekly Update 6/29/15

Weekly update!!!!

           Well ladies and gentlemen this has probably been, numbers wise, the best week in my mission. It's been absolutely nuts, we just taught, and taught, and then taught some more. The best part about that is when you teach people as a missionary you are just more happy. Which is what we all want in life, is happiness. Cool miracles happened this week, along with great times, and lots of laughter!!! This has been the best week in my mission. Bar none. How grateful I am to the Lord for blessing me so abundantly. Here are some highlights that I'd like to point out!!

           Well almost every Tuesday here in the Orlando south zone we get to do temple service. That's where we go do temple service on the grounds of the temple. It's super cool! Because just like home I live only a five minute drive away from the house of the Lord!! Plus afterwords we get this absolutely amazing food, it's sooooo yummy. It's chipotle, or homemade chipotle. It may or may not be one of my favorite parts of service. But this week I got to work with Elder Scott one of our two zone leaders. He's a great guy, and I look up to him a lot! He plays soccer for BYU, and plans to return in November! We had to pull out this bush stuff, called jasmine. It freaking sucked. Like holy cow I died. Sweat all everywhere. But we did it!! As we did it we talked about a lot of funny things, and talked about people that we knew from back home!! It was a tender mercy for me to be able to talk with him!! 

           Another cool thing that happened this week, is we set three baptismal dates. 1st one is Nicki.(August 2nd) She is awesome, and she is the girlfriend of a returning member!! She is really nice, kinda quiet, but we always have a good time going over there! Another is with a guy nick-named "Break-Air"(August 9th) he is from the ghetto part of our area! It's called pine hills, AKA crime hills. Hahahaha but he's a great guy from Haiti! He loves church, it makes him happy, and now he's looking for a new one!! The 3rd is John (August 9th) he is the brother of a returning member in our ward! He has been through a lot of hard times. He wants to make big changes in his life, and knows that only God can help! He already loves talking with us! He's very humble and loving! I love teaching and helping people!! It's so fun, and these people are truly great!! We're looking this next week to set a couple more dates, with some more solid gators we've found!! 

           This weeks Funny story is........ Well nothing to crazy stands out to me. A lot of inside jokes, that would take to long to explain!! Haha but on Friday we had weekly planning. The Zone leaders called saying that they were going to join us! Well me being how I am began to worry, hoping that they didn't think I was "retarted".... But of course they came over, and we had way to much fun!! Missionary work almost just didn't get done!!! Hahahah but luckily it did!!! We have some seriously killer zone leaders, they are Elders Scott and Gooch!!!! I love them so much, and they are great leaders! They are good examples to me on how to lead I've had a lot of fun with them! Especially since the the district and zone leaders work closely together to make sure the work is moving forward!!! 

         So everyone here says I write long emails, so I guess ya'll should be grateful..... #LOL hahaha maybe I'll start writing smaller ones.... I'll pray about it!!! Another tender mercy for the week is I got a call from my good friend Elder Jaden T. Johnson. His area is next to ours, but in a different zone. I got to talk to him, and that was therapeutic to say the least!!! His voice always just soothes my soul. #Altaboyz this mission is the best. I love serving here, and I love my area. Although my only complaint is that is rains here like every day. Like clock work around 4 or 5 it starts to pour for 15-35 minutes. Then it's sunny again. Hahaha it's also starting to heat up. A lot. So pray for me people! Actually now that I think about it your prayers have been answered, because most of the time we drive in a car!!! But keep on praying for me!! I need it!!! Hahahaha 

        Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers!! You all make me so happy! Especially as I've been getting mail, and emails!!! Sometimes I may not respond, but that's just because I'm swamped. Haha thank you for everything!! I'm doing well as a district leader for those of you wondering!  It really is something that I love!! It's so fun, and I get to help missionaries now as well, come closer to Jesus Christ!! This church is true, the book is blue, and I know with all my heart. When everything else fails to get me going, it's the fire within, fueled by my testimony that does it!! If ya'll have any questions, comments, concerns, and or funny jokes hit. Me. Up. WAHOOOOOOOOOOO

Love, Elder Carter Crismon 

A few pictures from this past week:
 He called this one is GQ pose!
 He ran into someone at a food truck event with this bird! Pretty crazy!
This one was fitting for the 4th of July holiday! Hahaha!

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