Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Update 7/13/15

Weekly update!!

         So this week was a good week!! We worked hard this week again. Our district did amazing- Which I'm super excited about! In our area we went hard again as well. For all of you who are wondering I will be staying in this area another transfer as the district leader. Which I absolutely love. I'm very grateful for the chance I have to be able to stay! This area is the best!!

         So this week we taught a lot again. That seems to be the theme for us in this area. The only thing that we seem to be really struggling with is getting people to church. That is very hard, but we have plans in place that is going to help with that this week! This week will be crazy because I will be taking over. The new guy will not know anything, so it will be completely up to me to get stuff done. Which is nice, but at the same time it's very stressful, considering I already have to deal with the district!

        The district nailed it this week. Like seriously I like cried when I saw how well they did across the board. Very grateful! We did the best in the zone, in almost every major statistical category. Which is pretty big, the Lord is really blessing us here in the Bueno Vista district! We just gotta find a way to keep that rolling into the next transfer, that may prove to be easier said then done! But with faith all things are possible right?

        Funny story for the week...l. Hmmmmmmmmm well every night we do what are called "call-ins". That's just when I call all the companionships in my district. Just to see how they are doing! And at the end I always ask if there is anything that I can do for them! Well one companionship asked if I could tell them a story involving pencils. Well needless to say to told an eloquent story about 3 pencils and a marker. One was a colored pencil..... #LOL..... He was Tyrone! Haha But they loved it and it was probably one of the better stories that I have ever told! Haha 

       Sorry this is going to be a shorter email then I usually do. This week and day is proving to be pretty crazy. But I promise to do better next week!!! I'm excited to see what this next transfer has in store, if everything goes right then possibly it could have up to 4 baptisms. That's what our goal will be, and that is what we will hit. I would ask that you all pray extra hard for me now as I take over and try to lead this district to greatness!!!! This is Gods work, I know it and I know that God knows it!! I wish you all the best of luck on this next week!!!!! 

Love, Elder Crismon!!!

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