Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekly Update 7/20/15

Das week............

             So this tweet was pretty dang good!!! A week ago I was pretty stressed out, getting ready to take over only after six weeks. Plus this area is huge! But God be thanked I made it! Hahaha and we had a good week! Everything was looking good! I also got to do some really cool things this week!!
Like a baptismal interview and also I got to sing at a fireside (in a choir luckily) haha It was a good week! We also had three investigators come to sacrament meeting!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO that's a miracle for the books!!! Like finally it feels I've been trying to do that forever! Anyways so here are some highlights.

           So one of the most, well probably the most important thing, that I will do as a district leader is do a baptismal interview! This week I got to do my second one! It was a super cool experience! The guy's name was Justin and a companionship in my stewardship had been teaching him! It was a really cool and spiritual experience. I got to talk to him about his conversion and why he wanted to be baptized! It was an honor to be able to do it! He was ready to be baptized and will be baptized here very soon! In the interview we just make sure they are doing this for the right reasons and that they are truly prepared to make a covenant with God. Hopefully I'll be able to more of those real soon!! What a good time it was!

          So I also got to sing at a fireside this week! It was called the "Why I believe fireside" Haha But it was a really great experience! We sang "I need thee every hour"! It was lots of fun! And President Barry got to watch us all sing! Hopefully we didn't blow it too bad! Haha But I think it was a good performance! The fireside was great! We had two investigators go! They both loved it! Ones name is Vaughn, he's a great guy! He's really interested now! He actually wants to go to BYU now! Hahahahaha and he thinks Taysom Hill will win the Heisman this year! Hahaha Also his favorite song is "Praise to the man"! Hahaa It's so funny! But he loves the church and may get baptized! So pray for this little feller!

           So the wait is over, my new comp is Elder Hoskin! He is from Washington state! A small little town called Roshchester! South of Olympia! He's a great guy! He's been out for 9 months now. So I'm finally older then my comp!!! WAHOOOOOOO He was pretty culture shocked when he got to YSA. Before he was out in the sticks in LaCanto!! Which is a very small town!! Haha He's a good guy and he's also very country! He owns a couple belt Buckles! Hahaha Pretty crazy! But we get along pretty well! And I think we are gonna do some great work together! So that's awesome!

          Well that's my week in a nutshell! Our zone leaders paid me a very nice compliment this morning! They told me I was a great leader and that they have seen a night and day difference in my area and in my district! How great is that! I seriously was so happy I almost cried!! Hhahaha But that's good! I'm doing well! Thank you for all the support and love I feel! I'm sorry if I don't email back as often as I should! I'm recommitting my self to do better! I hope y'all have a great week! Love you!!

Love, Elder Crismon!!

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