Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weekly Update 3/30/15

So this week has been freaking awesome thus far! So on Monday after emailing we pranked our Zone leaders! Hahaha We caught a bunch of tadpoles on Saturday. What we did was we clogged their drains. And we put tadpoles in there! Hahahaha We also put them in cups, blenders, bowls, and the toilet both the upper and lower part of it!! Haha It was freaking hilarious! Hahahahahaha Oh my goodness! I freaking love Elder Hamp!! We are having a good week thus far! We've picked some new investigators! We are teaching a lot as well! As a missionary you are happiest when you are teaching! You just are! That's what we've been doing this week so far. Last week was tough because of the bike getting stolen, and zone conference! So this week is looking to be great! 
            Well it's already April pretty much! Time is flying by. It's really freakin me out! Hahaha Shout out to my Mommy, and my brother! Their birthdays were this week! Wills now 16, and moms the big 41!!!!! Hahahaha I'll be turning 19 here in a couple of weeks! Hahaha That's so weird..... The old adage time flies by when your having fun is true! Me and Elder Hamp have been working hard and having fun! I'm very grateful for him! He's been a huge blessing in my life so far! We've been kicking trash here in north Kissimmee! This week we knocked on a Jehovah's Witness door. It was pretty fun! Hahah We talked for a little bit! We actually confused her. We caught her in her words, and she then said she had to go! I think she was starting to get frustrated, because we always had a good answer for her questions. And she never really had a good one for us! Haha She was nice though! It's official I've hit the trifecta.... I've taught a crazy man, a homeless man, and a hooker.... Hahaha They were all very nice. Hahaha It's funny people just tend to ask us questions and like to talk with us! Then there are those people who will avoid is at all costs! Like they will run in their house and lock the door!! That's probably my favorite part about being a missionary is you never ever know what your going to get! I've learned not to judge a book by its cover! I've talked to people who look very smart and educated, and then know nothing. And vice versa! The world is crazy and there is some crazy people in there as well!! 

                    Well Juliana is progressing well! She is all set for the baptism on April 11th! We are super excited about it! She's excited as well! One of my favorite parts about being a missionary is watching people change. At first they are all closed off, but as we teach and testify, you see a light flicker on in their lives, that truly changes their lives for the better. 

                   Well today was crazaaaa! We went to the Kissimmee cow town festival! Which is like draper days! Haha We had a booth! So for 5 hours today we were handing out cards and talking to peeps! I got sun burnt in the face. Fetch! Haha Kinda annoying! Hahah It was so fun though! It reminded me of when our family did booths at different shows! Haha It was fun though! We talked to 108 people, just about the gospel! And we probably talked to 500 people over all! We went HARD! We go hard in dat paint boy!! hahah Then later on that night we taught a man named Hector! He was a media referral. Which means he asked to see missionaries online! Well we went to see him, and needless to say he's got a baptismal date for the 25th! Hahah He said he already knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true! #Miracles Yanno these last three weeks have been the best of my mission! I'm seriously loving it out here! 

                Well another week has passed by, it's starting to freak me out! Haha Today was a decent one! The miracle person that we taught yesterday dropped us. He got anti-Mormon material from people at his church, really sad. But we just keep pushing on! He'll come around eventually! We had a good day at church! It was fast Sunday so I was pretty hungry! Hahah But we've had a good week! The best part is our numbers match our effort, which is very nice! Nothing to crazy happened today. Hahaha sorry! Nothing crazy to report on! Just enjoying the beautiful weather. Well I hope y'all had a good week this week. I'd love to hear from yah! Have a great one!!

           Another funny thought for the week! We are teaching this guy named John! He's black, and old, and sits on a chair in his front yard! I freaking love it! Hahah I always wanted to meet a guy like that! He's a great guy! He also owns 3 corvettes! Hahaha They are very nice. He also has a grandson that just runs around and is crazy! Haha It's a good time! Well that's all I have for the week! Have a good one!

P.S.- This will probably be the last time that I send this out to friends unless you email me! Thank you! 

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