Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Update 4/13/15

An except from an email to Andee:

Thank you for the happy birthday wish! I can't believe it's already April! Like it's already half way through April! Holy cow!! And I'm 19, and on a mission! I'm almost half way done with the thing!! Time is really flying by!! It's so funny, almost everyday I have those moments when I look at myself in the mirror, or something and say "Holy crap I'm actually a missionary" every missionary has those moments! It's crazy because our whole lives everyone always tells us "you need to serve!" And in primary we sing songs about it! At home whenever we saw missionaries we were like"WHATS UP" hahaha It's just very surreal. I just can't believe I'm doing it sometimes!

Carter's weekly Update:


Weekly updateeeeeeee

            So this week has been crazy. Lots of fun different things happened! The first thing that really comes to mind is that on Wednesday we had exchanges! I went with Elder Perkins! He's a great guy! I learned a good amount from him! Like how to plan in the mornings! We had lots of fun! We had some great lessons too! Met some really nice people. We also had district meeting that day! I gave a spiritual thought! Apparently it was pretty good! I'm grateful for that! Hahaha It was a great day though! 

             So pretty crazy. We met a man named Leon, he is a great guy! He has a beautiful family as well! He has a wife and three kids! The only thing is that one of his daughters who is 6, has a brain tumor. It's really really sad, the doctors only gave her two weeks to live. This is as of Wednesday 4/9/15. We ended up talking to him and his wife. We had a good talk. It was very sad. The spirit was strong though! You could feel the love of Heavenly Father! We also gave her a priesthood blessing! I'm gonna ask all who are home to pray for their daughter! Her name is Leonia. She's a very sweet girl!  It was a special lesson! 

             So crazy things that have happened. Well nothing to crazy! But we went through the ghetto this week! It's such a crazy place! There is a very weird feeling as you drive through! We drove through late on Friday night. It was interesting. There are people running around, doing all manner of suspicious things.... Hahaha There was this guy walking around and he was sooooo high it wasn't even funny! While we drove by him, he gave us that look! We call it the "1,000 yard stare" hahaha He looked at us like we were buffalo! Hahaha It was sooooooo funny!! Hahaha it was cra cra! I love this area! It's a great area. 

              So out here in the mission we ride bikes...... a lot. In our area we ride quite a bit! Just because we like to save miles! We only get a certain amount of miles per month! Anyways so the other day I was biking. We do this thing where we hop curbs. Just instead of riding in the street! Haha because that's scary! Hahaha Anyways! So I just started hoping curbs, and I'm getting better at it, or at least I thought.... So I go to hop this curb, and I get over it! It's a tall curb! But the back tire hasn't cleared it yet! I totally popped my back tire... Hahaha it was soooo funny! I think Gods really trying to tell me to lose some weight! Hahaha I LOLed for a little while! The bike is all fixed now! But it was a funny story!! 

              So it's been a good week! I'm grateful for that! One cool thing is on Saturday night there was a huge thunderstorm! It was crazy! The first big one of the year! It was so cool to watch! It rained pretty hard! I was just grateful that I was inside, not outside riding a bike! But I love the thunder! It's so cool. As it rolls across the sky, it's just the sound of raw power! So that was fun, to sit on our patio, and listen in! 

                Well Sunday freaking sucked! So we had a good time at church, and a really good dinner at the Gastons! She makes really good spaghetti!! But after that is when it started to suck! We had all of our lessons fall through, all of them. We had five planned. Then Julianna who is supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday told us that she didn't want too. Man that was a punch to the gut! I imagine that's what it's like when your girlfriend breaks up with you. I don't know what that's like, because I've never had a girlfriend, but I'm pretty sure that's what it's like. It seriously sucks. But we'll see what we can do! There is still a small possibility of her getting baptized this Saturday. But we'll see! Anyways that was my Sunday, it was poop. Hahaha But I received a couple emails that night I got to read! So that was great! Hahaha

             Anyways it's was a very crazy week! Lots of ups and downs. The say the mission is the best two years! And it is, but it's also the toughest two years. That's the truth. The Lords molding me into who he needs me to be! But that's not always fun! I love it out here! I hope you all are doing well! I'd love to hear from yah! I love you All! Have a great week!!

Love, Elder Crismon.

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