Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Update 4/6/15

Da weekly update..........

               Thus far this week has been really good! We've had a lot of fun! We've also had our downs as well!! So on Tuesday of this week we had interviews with President Berry. I love interviews because we just get to sit down and chat with president on our own. We can ask him questions and just get to know him and laugh! Haha Any ways so this interview was good! We talked about iPads, and ways to stay safe from temptation! It was cool! Also we set a goal of July 1st for weighing 250 pounds! It's official ladies and gentlemen Elder Crismon is gonna get skinny! I know I've been saying that for a while now, but I think I'm serious this time! Haha I am serious this time! So watch out ladies, cause I'm finally gonna be skinny!! Hahaha But it was a good interview! Me and Elder Hamp both felt really good coming out of it! 

            So before that though on Monday we had dinner with a member. It was so Fun! They are the Howse family! We went down there and had some good ham and stuff! But it was hilarious! They have three kids, their ages go as follows, like 9,6,2 or something like that! Well the youngest is wanting to get potty trained. So at one point during the dinner while Bro Howse is preparing dessert, she takes off her diaper with poop in it, and the poop goes all over he floor! Hahahahaha nah it was sooooo funny! At first I thought it was an avocado! Hahah But it was poop! It was probably one of the funniest stories of my mission thus far! Hahaha classic! 

            So this week we've worked really hard. Not a ton of success. But we worked hard. We had interviews, ZTM (Zone Training Meeting), and general conference this week. So that makes it really hard to work. At ZTM though I gave a training on adjusting to missionary life! Which is this book that they give us at the start of our missions! It honestly helps so much! I love it! But I likened the book to protein powder, because it's another "supplement" that the Lord has given us to become better missionaries! It was a great training, and it was funny because everyone already knows I'm a tool! Haha One of the Zone leaders Elder Radigan said it was one of the best adjusting to missionary life trainings he's seen. So I guess that's good!! 

             So this week is general conference, we have to go to our church to watch it! But you see every month we get an allotment of miles we can use in the car. The church we go to is forever away. So instead of wasting tons of miles, we asked President Berry if we could have a sleep over with the zone leaders! And HE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo pumped I love our zone leaders Elders Radigan and Ashworth. It's gonna be a party!! I'll take plenty of pictures!! 

             Well the sleep over was a party! We had way to much fun! I only took a couple of pics, I know I suck. But oh well what do yah do! Haha General conference was AMAZING! I loved it! My favorite talk was either the one by Jeffery R Holland, or the one by President Monson in the priesthood session! They were both amazing and one of my favorite parts is that it landed on the day of Easter itself! It made it that much more amazing! I learned one important fact today! That out of all the holidays Easter is the most important, and that the atonement of Jesus Christ about two millennia ago was the single most important thing to happen in the history of mankind. I mean I knew this, but they really hammered it home this weekend! I love this church, and being a missionary! I know it's true with all the energy of my soul! Another thing this general conference made me excited for was to be a Dad! There was some truly amazing talks given in the subject! Made me miss my Daddio! Shout out to him! If I can be half the Dad he was to me, then I'll be a great Father. 

             It was a good week with lots of ups and downs, with the culminating event being general conference, I'm so grateful for modern day prophets and apostles! They gave me that spiritual boost I needed to continue doing what I'm doing! Shout out to Carter Miller! Your the man! Thank you so much for writing me every two weeks, it really means the world! I'll be writing back real soon! Also Mommy I thank you for your small notes that you keep sending me! They really do make me happy! Also shout out to Rachel Jenson for writing me! She's da best!! haha Any ways that's enough of that crap! Y'all have a good week now! Love yah!!!

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