Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekly "Thang" 3/23/15

So this week thus far has been pretty crazy! First things first! I GOT A NEW IPAD!!!!!!!:) It's really nice- I believe it's the iPad two, and it's very nice! It's great for us because it's faster. We have a couple of apps, but one in particular uses a lot of memory and stuff! So it was always slow on the old ones. But now it loads very nicely! Which I'm thankful for! We also got very nice cases for them! Which is pretty awesome! Thus far this has been a crazy week. So we had zone conference on Wednesday. Which was good, I got to help with a training again! So that was fun! We actually talked about the Ford family! The miracle family that I help find, and get baptized! They are awesome! So that was good! Also the day before we had a good day! We had 38 contacts in one day, which is a record for both of us! We were pumped the best part, is we still taught 3 lessons! So Tuesday was a great day! We were working hard! So this Thursday we had a little surprise when we woke up! We did our studies and stuff, but then as we went to go leave at 10:00, Elder Hamp wen to grab our bikes, and we noticed that some one had broken in to our screened in patio. They stole Elder Hamp's bike, but not mine!! In our apartment we have a screened in patio, which is where we store our bikes. We also live in a nice neighborhood! So we were both stunned! It was also a little scary, cause we left our back door unlocked. Usually we lock it but this time we forgot. So this guy could have snuck in and taken more stuff, or even worse. We were both very, very grateful! So I love Elder Hamp because we were driving to the mission office to report and pick up a loner bike, and he starts laughing! And I'm like what the heck!? He says that God is answering his prayers, and it just hit him! I guess he's been praying for humility. So for the last three weeks just crappy stuff had been happening to him! So he just realized that! After he really wasn't even mad! He was in a great mood! So was I! So we got this loner bike, we had to go to bike works and get it road ready, and that took 2 hours cause this thing was in terrible shape. So we actually ended up getting it the next day! This week has been good. Also that night we set a baptismal date with our investigator Juliana! We set it for the 11th of April! Three days before my birthday! Hahaha her mom and bro just got baptized two weeks ago! She's great! 
         So in other news today was Friday. That is our planning day! We also were having our carpets cleaned. So that's cool I guess! Speaking of cleaning, Mom I am now a clean freak. I wish you could see it! The apartment I'm in when I got here was gross, and then I cleaned it! Hahah it's like freakin' pretty now! It's funny everything has a place now, and it's all organized! I totally blame you! Plus I enjoy working in a clean place! The spirit is just stronger! The habits I'm picking up seriously are great! My wife will love me cause I'm gonna love cleaning! So weekly planning today was awesome! At the end of the three to four hour process we have what's called a companionship inventory! Basically it's a companion therapy session! It can go one of many ways! Either it's super awkward, or really constructive, or it turns into an all out brawl! Most missionaries don't like it! But the purpose of it is to help our companion unity! Which it does usually! But mine and Elder Hamp's were freaking great. We talked for 30 minutes about a lot! We are really good friends now! I now know why I'm in this companionship with him! We just wanna work on a lot of stuff together it's really awesome. I love it! So life is good here in O-town. Funny story today I met a Shinequa Brown, yes she was black, and she wanted us to come back! She lived in the ghetto of our area! There is a pretty big ghetto in our area! It's pretty funny! Hahaha I seriously though got in the car and LOLed for a little because I met a Shinequa. Goodness like I used to joke about names like that! But they really exist! Haha Elder Hamp got in the car and was like once we walked up to her I just knew her last name was brown. Hahaha 
         So on Saturday the 21st of March we did some work. We knocked not even kidding 75-100 doors. It took 5 hours. Longest day of my life! But hey we got another 25 contacts, and some solid potentials! So that's good I guess! We also visited the ghetto today. Known as Mclearn Cr. It's pretty crazy there! Just a weird vibe as you walk around! I guess back in the 90's there was shootings there every week, pretty crazy stuff! It's only about a 10 minute bike ride from where we live, but we live in nice apartments.... Or at least I think we do! Hahaha The area has cooled down a little bit, but at night the place is still hoppin' with drug deals! Matter of fact a cop stopped us before we went in there asking us what we were doing! Haha They thought we was up to no good! But we told them we were on a mission from God. #bang. They warned us about the area, but I ain't never scared. #turtles! So any who love y'all have a good night! 
           Sunday! Today was a good day! Today was my compadre Elder Hamp's birthday!! Which just makes me birthday hungry! Mine is only a couple of weeks away on the 14th of April!! Hahaha It was a good day though! He got four packages! Can you believe that!? I was so happy for him! He said that he hadn't gotten any mail for a while, so he deserved it! Matter of fact I prayed he'd get good stuff for his B-day! And he did! I freaking love that guy! So today was just a normal Sunday! Church and stuff! But we are planning a prank on the zone leaders! Hahaha So we stopped by this less actives house, who has a pool. They haven't cleaned it in 6 months, so the thing is gross. And well there are hundreds of tadpoles in this thing! So what we did was caught about 40. We are planning on clogging the Zone leaders sink, and putting them in thee! Lol!!!! Hahahahahaha we are sooooooooo funaaaaaaaa. Life is just good right now. We are struggling to find people to teach though. But with enough faith that will come! This has probably been one of the craziest weeks if not the craziest week of my mission. But I'm loving every second of it! I do not hesitate to say that this is the best choice I've made up to this point! I've just grown so much in these past 7 months that it's just crazy to think about! It feels like I've been out here for a while. But then as I really think about it time is flying by! It's crazy! There is a new quote that I'm trying to live by. It's "Don't count the days, make the days count." So that is my goal from here on out! To make this the best, most powerful experience that I can make it! And to help as many would listen to me come unto Christ and Be Perfected in him. Well any who! I'm tired so I'm hitting the hey! Hope hall have a good one! LOVE YAH!!!!!:):):)

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