Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly6 Update 3/3/15

Dear family and friends,

                          This week has been crazy. I've been so busy that I've totally forgotten to do my weekly update things, this was the last week of the transfer! So I was pretty committed to finishing off the transfer right! We worked hard this last week. We ended up with 23 lessons, which is my personal best! But I plan on beating that here pretty quick! Our different investigators are doing well. Specifically Carlos, and Julian! They love the church, and they know it's true! It makes us happy as missionaries, it makes all the hard work worth it! Well in other news I got a call on Saturday informing me that I'm getting transferred. Which is wayyyyyyy weird. Everyone thought that I was gonna stay, but I guess not! Where I'm going I don't know yet! It's kinda exciting, but nerve racking at the same time, cause I have no idea where the heck I'm gonna go! I'm just not looking forward to packing again! Hahaha I hate packing! It sucks! I have stuff that I need to send home to y'all! So if you would put like 20 dollars on my card, and I'll send it out to yah!! Any who! This week we had some fun though! On Saturday night we had some amazing food at Bro Jackson's house! His name is Michael Jackson! Hahaha we be calling him MJ! Haha But we had some amazing food! He grows his own garden! So it was all natural good stuff! Hahaha We also helped him pick some oranges as well! On Wednesday we helped this less active put up a fence! Haha It felt like the good ol times back home helping you guys put up a fence! We had to come back on Saturday to help him finish up!! 

                             Well I've loved my time here in Cocoa. I really am a little sad to leave! It's been a good time. I'm gonna miss the friends I made in the area! But as my favorite song says "I'll go where you want me to go." There is other people that I'm supposed to go find, and I'm excited to find out who my companion is! So that's exciting! Hopefully I go somewhere great, that's what I'm praying for! I'm excited to serve the Lord with all my heart! Also I hit my six month mark tomorrow, I'm already 1/4th of the way through! Can you believe that!? I'll be home before I know it. And that scares the crap outta me! That means real life hits, and I got to go to college! Haha I know I'll be blessed because of what I'm doing!

                              To finish this beautiful email I'm gonna tell you all a funny story. So here in Cocoa is a great man named Rob Whitaker. He's now one of my good buddies! He has been through a lot. His story really is something else! But it's not mine to tell. But I'm going to tell you a small segment that really is hilarious! So for a while he used to traffic weed. This is of course after he was converted, the funny thing is even though he did all that bad stuff he still knew it was true! So one time he was gonna sell some weed to this man. The man comes over, and they started on a conversation about God. Rob being the Great member missionary that he is gave him a Book of Mormon and a Mormon Doctrine book! Hahaha His only Mormon Doctrine book! But he still sold the guy some weed.... Hahahaha soooo funny. Well of course later on that same guy he gave the stuff too got baptized. See miracles really do happen! Hahahaha Rob now is one of the most faithful members I've ever Met! He really is one of the greatest guys! This church is true! It's the best. It has blessed my life and countless others. My favorite part is that I get to watch these people, and help these people change! It truly is a great blessing! Well I hope y'all are doing good! Hopefully I hear from some of yah real soon! I love yah all!

                          Love, Elder Crismon

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