Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly Update 3/16/15

Weekly update....... 

Monday 3/9/15~ today was a good day!! It was a good P-day. We just went to the church and emailed and a played a little ball! After that we went and got ourselves some hair cuts! That was Nice! I freakin needed one! After that we just hung out a little longer, we then went and said our good byes! Which sucked cause I was the only one leaving the group! Man I sure did love those guys! It's times like this that the song "God be With you Till we Meet Again" really hits home. So I got all packed! We then went to dinner with Sister Derosa! She's great! We call her Aunt Wanda. We had some good Bar-B-Q. Then we just said good bye to a couple of people, or I did. Then we hit the hay. 

Tuesday 3/10/15~ Today was a good day, a bitter sweet day. Nothing is more heart wrenching then leaving an area that you've worked so hard in for the past 12 weeks. You've come to love the people, the ward, and the land itself. Then you get a call, letting you know that your gonna switch areas. It's such a tough thing, it is emotionally stressful. I'm grateful for my Father In Heaven who helps me through those tough times. But my new companions name is Elder Hamp. He's from Magna Utah! He's a great guy too. We already get along pretty darn well. I left my wallet in the other area, they are gonna bring it to me here pretty quick! But Elder Hamp paid for my stuff! Just a great guy! I'm so grateful for him! The Lord has truly blessed me here. The area I'm now in is called Kissimee north. I'm actually just south of my first area. The area is very nice and kinda reminds me of home a little bit! I'm very excited to be here! Ready to work.

Wednesday 3/11/15~ Today me and Elder Hamp went to work. Just straight up. We had four lessons, and 1 new gator, and plenty of good potential investigators! We were pumped! We first stopped by this guy (I'm not gonna say his name) but he's one of our investigators. He has a mental disorder called sikisofrenia.  I probably just butchered that word. Any ways he is a great guy, and is normal for the most part. But claims to have seen Jesus, and multiple Angels. So that was an interesting lesson to say the least! We also had lunch before with a great poly member. I already forgot his name, but he knows a lot of my good friends from my first area that are polys! We went to a Chinese buffet. I don't know what it is with Chinese people and buffets, but they love them. Hahaha it's pretty funny! Any ways we then stopped by some pretty great people as well. It was a good day! Also our Zone leaders are great guys as well. Not that I have ever NOT liked some leaders! But they are truly great guys! One went to Lone peak, and is friends with Karson Lilenquest! So that's great! Anywho I'm tired, so I'm hitting the sack! Turtles!

Thursday 3/12/15~ Today was a good day! We worked hard again! And again we had 4 solid lessons. We have some solid people to teach in this area! That makes me super happy! Also Elder Hamp's and I's companionship unity is pretty good. The only thing we have to work on is switching off more, but that just comes with time! I really think that together we are gonna do some great things! Which really makes me happy! We are being obedient, and the Lord is blessing us in return! That is great! But today we stopped by one man in particular.... I won't mention his name, but I'm pretty sure that he was gay. Kinda weird, cause he was actually really cool with us, and said that he's read the Book of Mormon twice! So that's exciting! I might teach a homosexual! Lol! I also went to Golden Corral for the first time in forever, I really don't remember the last time I went to that place. Hahaha it was good, but I expected better! Any ways life's good, I'm learning and growing! I've already learned that I have the ability to continue to grow as a teacher, I thought I was good, but right when you think that the Lord has another plan in place to help you grow! The lessons I'm learning will truly stick with me forever! I LOVE FLORIDA!

Friday 3/13/15~ today was a great day! One of those days that I will never ever forget! We first woke up and did our normal studies! Then we went and taught this person we had met two days prior, as it turns out we had an amazing lesson with her and her daughter! They are now new investigators! That was cool! Then we had a great weekly planning session! Where at the end me and elder Hamp talked for a while, we bonded! We really are becoming good friends. He might be my favorite companion up to date! I'm grateful for him! So after that we did some stop by's! One funny story, and one cool one. First, we stopped by a person that Elder Hamp and his old companion almost taught. When we walked up the house smelt DANK. In other words we could smell the pot from outside..... Hahah A girl answered as I knocked, and well she came to the door with her pants just totally undone..... Lol. It was gross. She then gave me a dirty look, but luckily I made her laugh and it was all good! Hahaha gotta love people these days! After that we taught a great lesson to Juliana. She is super interested and agreed to be baptized! Final story, then we visited a member in a nursing home. That was depressing, it was so sad to see people like that. These old men and women, who had obviously no family, or at least none that loved them. Their brains just rotting in this place. I wanted to go around and hug them all, another moment of Christ-like love that was given to me. Made me appreciate family. Any who! That was my day! I'm seriously loving this new area, and this new companion, elder Hamp! Life is good, and I'm grateful to God! 

Saturday 3/14/15~ So one month away from my birthday! Not that anyone is counting!! Haha but today was another great day. We did a ton of finding, we had 24 contacts in one and half hours! Which is real good! We then picked up a new investigator named Emmanuel! He's a great guy, his wife kicked him outta the house! So we are helping him get his life back on track! He likes everything we've told him this far! So that's good! After that we visited a less actives house. Their names is all weird. So it don't matter! But I had a cool experience! So they kinda like to argue, and poke fun! We were telling them the importance of coming to church! We were both getting a little frustrated. So I went to say something, and the spirit just took over! I bore probably one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever bore, and I kinda raised my voice a little, but not enough to scare the spirit away! They both got really quiet, and the spirit was way strong. I basically told them that if they did the things we were asking them to do they would be blessed a lot! And if they didn't, then they knew the consequences! I don't even remember what I said for the most part, I just remember that and it being bold, but loving! The Lord spoke through me and it felt great! They agreed to come to church! #miracle. Any who other than that nothing to eventful happened! Love you guys! I'm loving FLORIDA! I'm never coming back. I love being a missionary to much! Any who have a great night!!

Sunday 3/15/15~ Today was a great day!! We went to church and I got to meet the ward, it was good!! I was excited to meet them!! Then after that we went to a cool fire side, with a seventy named Elder Kopischke! That was awesome! He's great! He did a question and answer period, people asked some great questions! Sorry this is short! So one thing that's cool that we do is we wake up in the morning at 6 and play Bball and soccer! That's pretty great!! So any ways that's my week!! Love you all!

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