Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weekly Update February 24, 2015


Monday 2/16/15~ Well Monday was a good day! Kinda weird because we really didn't know what to do! We just emailed, and then drove around! We did hit up Target though! And I got a pretty sweet watch! On The pocket watch that Dad gave me the chain broke! And I don't want to lose the watch itself! So I'm keeping it in a safe place! Also Target was selling notorious BIG shirts, so I bought one. LOL. After that we just did some other random crap, and changed! We had dinner with a guy named brother Sam! He made us some really good steaks! After that we went to get ready for an exchange with the district leader and his companion! Pretty decent day!! 

Tuesday 2/17/15~ So every two weeks or so we'll switch companions for a day! We do this so we can learn from other missionaries, and so we keep our sanity! Haha But me and elder Davis had a great day! We taught 5 lessons! Which is great! We did the normal studies, and then we had lunch! Then we started to go to work! I'll mention just a couple cool things! So we were gonna go knock doors in this area! The second door that we knocked evidently was a less active member and her non member husband! But we didn't know that! So when we knocked he talked to us for a little while! He then gave us this cool Book of Mormon that he found on the side of the road! We talked for about 15 minutes and said a prayer with him! Me and elder Willard are gonna go back there. So that was pretty crazy!! After that we did some other stuff, knocked on more doors, and taught 3 other times! Including a decent dinner! With a couple of snow birds! Haha After that to end the day we went and visited Jason, the guy who just got baptized on Saturday! We talked with him for a little, and also we taught his step daughter, who now wants to get baptized as well! So another just crazy cool miracle!! Another day in paradise!!

Wednesday 2/18/15~ Wednesday was a good day! We did the normal studies in the morning! We then got ready and went to district meeting! There I had to give a 20 minute training on the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion! I did a good job! Or at least that's what I hear! I enjoy giving trainings! After that we had a lesson fall through with a gator, so we went to Robs house, and talked with him for a little! Made sure he was still doing good! Then after that we stopped by two other people! We then had an awesome lesson with the Moshers again! We actually had dinner with them! Carlos made some awesome boneless ribs! They were way good! Even though he was from Puetro Rico! Hahaha We had a great lesson! They are so prepared that it's crazy! They just love everything that we teach! The spirit was strong as we were there! Rob helped teach with us! He helps a ton cause he can just come out and say stuff that is tough for us to say! We had a good day though! The days are starting to fly by! It's ridiculous! I love it out here! Hope all are having fun back home!!

Thursday 2/19/15~ For real... Thursday sucked! That's because we were in a tire shop the whole day!! You see we went to go get an oil change, and then we needed new tires! So the 1 hour long stop turned into a 5 hour long stop! So that was great! And when your a missionary and can't watch T.V. or anything that sucks. Just plain and simple! There also was no one there, so I couldn't get on my soap box and boldly proclaim the everlasting gospel! Haha but after that we went to Juanita's house again!  She is so awesome! We had a great lesson with her! The spirit was strong, but in and out. Then we asked her if she had been praying! She said she did, and asked God if we were for real. She said she got an answer, in the form of a feeling and an actual voice that she heard! The voice said "they are genuine" how about that!?!? Haha so crazy! Miracles are happening in the cocoa east area! Then after we had dinner with sister DeRosa! That was fun!! We had some killer calazones, I couldn't help but think of Dad! You would have loved them! Any who, I guess in the end the day wasn't that bad! In the end it was good! I had some good pizza! Haha

Friday 2/20/15~ Today was a good day!! We did a ton of planning!! It was weekly planning day!! Which is fun, and long at the same time! We did our normal morning routine! Then we had lunch and stuff! Honestly nothing to crazy happened today! We just went through our planning, and got all of it done! Ohhhh we did have some fun knocking doors! We knocked this one door, that had a sign on it! On the sign it said that if anybody knocks and bugs him, that he would shoot them! So what did I do? I knocked! The guy looked at me, and said one minute! He went to the back, luckily his wife came and told us to leave before he got back! I'm pretty sure he wasn't going to do anything, but hey still a good story!! Hahaha don't worry to much Andee! That's the first time that happened! Ahaha Good stuff!! After that we taught a couple people! Only one of any real report was Sis Stahly! She's kinda cra cra! She always has to one up us! It really frustrates me! She needs some humble pie! But we love her! Charity never faileth, but suffereth long! Any who! That was our day! Elder Willard is starting to be a pain in the butt again! So hopefully we can make it through this transfer! Pray for me! It would be much appreciated!!

Saturday 2/21/15~ We had a great day today! We had a day full of service! We first did our normal studies in the morning! Then we met Rob and the other elders to help our investigators the Moshers take down this rusty old shed in the backyard! It was sweet, us four dudes just got it done!! After an hour and a half the job was done!! It was sweet! All the metal was loaded up on Robs truck and ready to take to the dump! We were pumped! It was also a good way to get our anger out hahaha!! After that we taught the Moshers! Then we went to brother Acostas house for dinner! They are a great family's! He went to Costa Rica on his mission, and was telling us these funny stories! It was a good time! After that we went and taught Jason our most recent convert! It was his one week Mark from baptism! We just prepared him for the Preisthood! Good stuff!! It was a good day over all!! 

Sunday 2/22/15 We had a good Sunday! We did our studies in the morning! Elder Willard is having a tough time with something, because he didn't do a thing this morning! I pretty much did it all! Kinda annoying! Then we went to church! We had a good time there! Our investigators the Moshers came again! Also our convert Jason got the Preisthood! That was exciting! It was great! Then we went with Rob to go see Barbara! She wasn't there! That was frustrating. Kinda a bummer! After that we went to Robs house for dinner. We had some hamburgers, then we watched 17 miracles. Hate to admit it but I cried a couple of times. Hahaha That movie is something else! The stories just blow my mind! The struggles they went through for this gospel! Gives me motivation to be better! I loved it! Grateful that I got to watch that! It was really what I needed! Elder Willard has been wearing me out these last couple of days! But I just keep pushing, with a perfect brightness of hope! That's all we can really do! That and love the lord, which I do with all my heart. This is the best!!

Pictures from Jason's baptism! A Great Day!

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