Monday, December 1, 2014

Email home on December 1, 2014

Hey mommy!! The family that called you on Thanksgiving was the family we are teaching!! They are awesome! They are gonna get baptized on January 17th!! So that is pretty exciting!! I'm glad you all had a good time on Thanksgiving! We had fun as well!! I loved those pictures!! They made my day!! We biked this whole week, which was tough!!! We just about died a couple of times!! Did I tell you that I broke my pedals? I also stripped the thing that the pedals are attached to!! The guy at the bike shop said I'm too strong!! hahaha It was pretty funny!!! We probably biked 100 miles this week!! Did I tell you that we are singing on Saturday too!! We are singing "Angels we have heard on high"!! It's gonna be great!! We are doing it for the Christmas party!!! Send me a video of you guys singing!! Good for Will!! I knew he would be good at driving stick shift in the car!! Is he gonna get his license right when he turns 16!? So guess what I watched last night??? The Father Tanner story!! So crazy!! I love that video!! Can you believe that the prophet of the dispensation of the fullness of times made that promise to our ancestor!!! Like that is a promise to us!!! So awesome!!! Any who!! I love you guys!! That's awesome grandma put up that picture of me at Thanksgiving BTW!! I was there- just in spirit!!! hahaha I LIKE TURTLES!!!!!! Talk to you later!!! Love you guys!!!!

I forgot to tell you that we had a tornado warning!! So crazy!!! It freaking rained so hard this week!! We got caught in it like several times!!!! hahahaha We got soaked!! At the top of my phone it says IMMANENT THREAT hahahaha pretty funny!! But it was kinda scary!!!!

Much Love,
Elder Carter Crismon

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