Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Email home December 8th

Yeah so I'm not gonna get the package from you until the 19th cause that's when they are handing out all the Christmas stuff! Although I got the package from Grandma and Grandpa Boo, and Heather and such! I loved it! I'm not gonna open the stuff until Christmas! Don't worry! And also I got a kettle ball, not sure from who, and if I was supposed to open it!! I'm super thankful though! Love it!! 

Our song was great! We killed it! We harmonized and everything! Apparently I have a good voice! I don't know what's up with that!! Glad you liked the card! I thought it was funny! But yeah! This is been a good week! We worked hard! Second week of biking! Gotta love it! Hey I can almost ride with no hands! Also we get the car this week! So pumped! Thank you for those quotes! They make me happy!! I love Elder Uchtdorf! It's pretty freaking awesome!! 

I have a hunch that we aren't gonna be companions come Tuesday!! But I'm okay with that!! Bishop is a great guy!! I'm glad he likes his card!! I'm working hard and I can feel Christs love for me!! It just keeps growing! 

Elder Pyle saw an alligator! 

So guess what? One of our investigators is from Haiti, and her Ex's mother is in to voo-doo. That stuff is nuts, and it is real. We had to call our mission president to see what to do! But we think we will be okay! Just pray for me if I get into a "sticky" situation!! Love you guys!!! Y'all are the best!!! We need to get our Skype plan- See you in 18 days, not like anyone is counting!!;)


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