Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Letter home December 5, 2014

Mom & Dad,
             How are you all doing? I bet your doing good! I know all I've really said about missionary work has been good! But I must tell you this is HARD! I have never felt so lonely, disconnected and sad in a while. Now I am not depressed or thinking about coming come! This is just hard! Every week my list of peeps who email me gets smaller and smaller. It was only 7 this week, pretty rough. Also I miss football and normal music! Goodness! I already hear songs I do not recognize! It's crazy! Now I love it out here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else it's just tough out here! So pray for me I guess!Pray that I get a good companion these next transfers! Haha! Any who I love you guys! Keep praying! Never stop! The Lord provides! He has for me! I love you both so much! Tell the whole family I love them!

Elder Crismon

PS- Pray for someone you can share the gospel with- that stuff works! Haha

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