Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Update 4/4/2016

Dearly beloved family and friends!

It's been a week!!

              Well it's official! I'm in what they call Eustis! Like it says in my subject line I call it Classy Country! Hahaha This place is wild and we have some great members. We cover 4 small cities spread out from each other; Eustis, Mount Dora, Taveras And Umatilla. I think there is actually another one as well, but I can't remember the name right now. Hahaha Never the less this place is pretty fun. Lots of opportunities for us to get some work done here! Although we are out in the country, it's still pretty good sized. There's a Walmart and a Target! Plus a bells outlet, and most of the fast food joints you can think of. I'm looking forward to spending possibly the remainder of my mission here in what they call Zion.....

                This week was a wild one, we had multiple meetings from transfers on Tuesday, Mission Leadership Council on Thursday, followed by a leadership training right afterwords. Not even to mention the 5 General conference sessions that transpired this weekend! It was kinda tough to really get a grasp on the missionary work happening here in Eustis. It didn't help that I had no idea where anything was, or who anyone is. It's getting better. We've set some great goals for this coming week! My companions name is Elder Holloway! He's a great guy from a small town in Colorado! He
reminds me of Elder Willard, and Elder Hoskin. Two of my previous companions! He's from the country and he likes people to know it! Haha That's good cause I'll be able to learn some cool things from him! Especially since we are in the country!

                  In our area our most solid investigator is named John. He's the man, he's a super nice guy! He's come to church a couple weeks now in a row. He's got a baptismal date set for the end of April! We're pretty pumped about that! The coolest thing about him is his desire to change. He just wants to follow Jesus Christ! Now we've just gotta help him act on that desire!

                 Also In our area we have a dope member. His name is also John.... John Henry! Hahaha We call him GM, or the general Manager. Another nick name of his is the "Walking Area book".
He's the assistant Ward mission leader and he's a boss. He knows where every less active lives, and he knows all of our investigators. He comes out with us often. We even weekly plan at his house cause he's such a help. He is very involved in our work! He's a lot like grandpa from Daytona, but he's a lot more interested in how our work is coming along! Hahaha They call him the general manager for missionary operations in the Eustis Ward. Matter of fact he called us not too long
ago asking about something. This guy records every week everything he does with the missionaries. He's a great man and I look forward to learning from him! Every missionary who has come through here knows who the Resings are! Haha His wife Nana is a good time too! Together they are pretty funny! I'm grateful I have the chance to rub shoulders with them!

                As for the zone, the situation isn't too bad! We've got some good missionaries that have been working here. We have 13 new missionaries in this zone, that's a lot considering that there is only 24 in the whole zone. The potential in this zone is astounding! As I look back over the history this zone was the perennial powerhouse week in and week out. That's what is exciting is that we are on the road to get there again. The hope in this zone is rising! Keep praying for me and my companion and all the missionaries in the Leesburg zone! I'm freaking pumped for this week! Wahoooooo!

                 Well that's my week in a nut shell, honestly nothing real crazy happened... Well except for transfers, and MLC, and general Conference. This general conference was amazing. It was totally faith building for me and I came away prepared to tackle what the week can throw at me. Favorite talks are Elder Hollands (Obvi), President Nielsen (He Threw Down), and Elder Snows on humility! Such a great conference. I know that it lifted my spirits and that I'm more prepared to get my job done! I know that we have Prophets, Seers, and revelators on the earth today! How nice is that! In a world constantly in commotion and strife we have men called of God with the proper authority to lead us into the future. It's comforting to know this. It was also a bitter sweet conference cause it was my last in the mission field. It was one to remember though. I will never truly forget this conference. Thank you all for your constant support! I hope y'all are doing well back there in the old UT, or where ever you may be! I'd love to hear from you all if yah get the chance! Wahoooo! LOVES!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

"5. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is
in the Lord his God:"
- Psalms 146:5

 Yes that is a toilet on top of a wall and no he has NO idea why it is there! Andneither does anyone else! Hahaha!
 Carter and his new companion Elder Holloway!

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