Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First post of 2016!!!

Da weekly crapshoot-

        Hey there little fellers who I call family and friends! I hope all is well in your sphere of influence! I'm Doing pretty well here in Florida! Can't complain all that much! Besides I did enough of that in last weeks email! LOL. Well as most of you know I got transferred this previous week! My new area is LONGWOOD!!! Wahoooo it's in Longwood Florida and is in the Lake Mary Stake! The zone I'm now in charge of is the Lake Mary zone! It's a zone that has been doing really well the past couple of months. As some of you may know it was actually Elder Johnson's old area... #LOL. It's cool to be able to replace him and pick up where he left off and take it to the next level. Although we do have some twerk to do here in Lake Mary. I'm looking forward to it! Here are some of the
highlights from my week this week!

          So I guess first I'll introduce my new compadre! His name is Elder Honda and he's from Frutia,
Colorado! I've known him for a little while now! I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve with him as a zone leader! He's been out just over a year so I maintain seniority, but he's a good man with lots of knowledge and a burning desire to share the gospel!

            So funny story of the week. On one of the previous week nights, I wanna say Friday, Elder Honda and I were less active hunting! We were in a complex not to far from where we live! As missionaries we have this rule that we talk with everyone! So we saw this young man walking towards us! He was from India, and was studying here to go into I.T. (I know shocker). So we talked with him, and taught him the gospel on the spot right there in this complex! This is something we do often! But something happened that was pretty funny! He seemed just tickled that he had met Christian missionaries. He said he'd meet with us again! So we said a prayer with him, and as we were Turing to leave he said "Can I get a Selfie with you guys?" Hahahahaha so here we are three random strangers getting a selfie together in a parking lot.... Hahaha guess I'm famous! ;)

               So cool experience of the week! So on my first day here in Longwood we were out working hard. We stopped and knocked on a door that an investigator had referred us to! So we knocked and a woman named Rachel answered. At first she didn't seem all that interested, but Elder Honda And I went to Work! We asked her what mattered most to her and then testified that through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ her family could be blessed. I felt as the spirit testified through me a reassuring feeling that what we share is true! I'm positive that she felt it too, cause her heart changed and now she's learning from us! Through out this week we had multiple experiences where we were able to change someone's life right there on the spot! It's a humbling, but super exciting experience!

                So Happy New Year everyone!! I really did nothing crazy the night of New Year's Eve! As a missionary it just doesn't matter! All I did was take a sip of the butter beer stuff a member gave me the day before! Gotta love Harry Potter buffs! Hahaha!!  For every second of every hour of every day last year I was a missionary. Pretty freaking dope! 2015 will always be sacred to me! A year that I gave completely to the Lord! I grew a lot, and grew up a little bit! Hahaha!! It was weird to think that all my friends and family were partying and that I was humbly falling asleep at 10:45... Hahaha!! There's always next year!;)

                 I've seen a lot of success as a missionary. Probably more then most missionaries will ever see. It's not me though. It's God! He's just putting me in positions to be successful. He leads me, and guides me and has blessed me with success. I've done a lot of work, and worked harder then I have ever before! But it's for a good Cause! As they say, "What you reap, is what you sow!" I'm just a little fellar who's in Longwood Florida, in an apartment that has a bench press and weight lifting stuff. I'm
looking forward to working hard here! I know Gods got some good stuff in store for me and the Longwood Ward! I know that this work is true, because if an imperfect human being like me can be successful and an instrument in the Lords hands then it's true. The church is true, the book is blue, and just like Nephi I will go and do. Later fellers!

Love, Elder Carter Crismon

P.S.-shout out to da homies.....

 Panoramic of his new apartment! There's no picture of the "war room" which is their study room yet! Hopefully we'll get one soon!
 Carter enjoying his butter beer on New Years Eve!
 Burning a shirt at his year mark- as per tradition in Orlando! Wahoo!
 In correlation meeting and not understanding because our Ward Mission Leader speaks Spanish.... Haha!

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