Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Update 1/18/16

TWEEKLY UpDate ninjas!

Well to be completely honest I am just not feeling writing out a long email today! So I'll apologize in advance if it seems a little short. We had a killer week! Lots of cool things and lots of learning
experiences. We had a baptism, a visit from a general authority, I was back in the YSA grind, and I served for a day where Trevon Martin was shot. So a pretty full week! I'll get into some of the details!

So on Tuesday night we had a Mission Leadership Council with Elder Richard J. Maynes of the presidency of the seventy! Holy cow it was freaking dope. We just sat there for a little while and took notes as this man trained us in how to be better leaders, and how we can baptize more! We had good discussion on what our mission needed in order to continue to baptize lots and lots. It was fun to listen to him. He also instructed us on how to give better trainings and how we can best help our stewardship grow.

Then on Wednesday we had a zone conference with Elder Maynes! It was awesome. We got to listen to him, and his wife, along with President and Sister Berry! I think this is one of my favorite opportunities as a missionary is being able to listen to such great men talk. He talked a lot about finding, probably the most key thing to do as a missionary! It was a great conference. Happy that I was able to participate there! Wahooo!

Then the next day I was in College Park. AKA the university of Central Florida. The second biggest college in the United States! The work there is way sick. What we did is we set up a table in the middle of the campus. We then talked to everyone that walked by! It was lots of fun. I was totally blown away with how many people there actually were at the campus! It was way fun though because I served in a YSA Ward as well and got to back to my roots. We had lots of success there, and it
helped the area get back on track!

Then a couple days later I found myself in the city if Sanford. This place is ratchet. Like for real. It's actually the place where Trevon Martin was shot and all that rioting happened. Kinda cool that it's
just down the road from where I live now! Haha I was there with Elder Blackburn, and we did have a good day. He's a good missionary who's kinda been struggling. We were able to see some success from our exchange, and we had a great talk there at the end.

The only problem with me being on the exchange in Sanford is that I missed the baptism. It needed to be done though, these elders needed a little help! They are doing good now. But I was sad to have missed the baptism. It went great though from what I hear, this next week she will be confirmed in sacrament meeting. So I'll be there for that! I'm excited to be there. I'll be sure to get a picture or two and send it home!

On Sunday we got to have a meeting with our Stake President. President Holladay. He's the man. We had a very good conversation with him about how hot work was going here in Lake Mary. We were able to set up some plans as to how we can help ward councils and missionaries work better
together. He's a good man! It's nice to be able to learn from such good people!

Well this week we have the chance to be interviewed by President Berry! I'm pretty excited for that! It should be a good time. We also have a world-wide missionary satellite broadcast that we will get to
take part in! That will be exciting. With all that's going on I'm just grateful to be a missionary. I don't think I ever want to go home! Haha so I'm not! LOL! Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck this
week! Have an amazing week all of you and I love yah! Also shout out to Elder Johnson for canceling our exchange this week!

Love, Elder Crismon!

 Carter in his new suit! Looking good buddy!!
 A photo from a house that Carter visited recently- she had MANY cats! OH MY....

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