Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekly Update 12/14/2015

Hey there little fellers who I call family and friends!

                            Well I had another pretty good week out here Deland/Daytona! It was a packed week full of lesson, a DM people, ZTM, and calls and other random stuff. I'm pretty happy with the
effort I put forth and that Elder Egan and I put forth! Last night I felt the confirming witness from the spirit that Heavenly Father was pleased with my efforts. Something I feel most weeks from him. Lately I've been feeling it more and more. Here are some of the weeks highlights.

                             Well the first thing that comes to mind is our Zone Training Meeting that we had on this previous Thursday! The week before we had MLC. The purpose of ZTM is to take what we
learned at MLC and teach it to everyone else. This focus was on two things 1.) 5 questions that we as missionaries can ask ourselves to help make our work better. And 2.) How are we supposed to feel during our mission and during teaching and stuff. With a focus on how the investigator must feel as well. President Berry came to our ZTM. We were pumped afterwords. Elder Egan and I we super excited to help train our missionaries on how to be better teachers and feel the spirit more. My training was focused on Getting members out to lessons and other little things that we could do to be better. The plan was to pound the pulpit, and I did! President Berry even came up afterwords and said I delivered a great training. Peeps are telling me I should be a motivational speaker. Maybe that's what I'll do Andee! Haha it was a great ZTM and it left us excited for the rest of the week!

                           So on Saturday night I got a letter from the mission office! In the letter I was  informed that my departure date has been moved up from September 14th to August 17th! WHAT THE HECK!!!?!?!?!?!,!,!, I guess president Berry feels it's important for me to attend college in the fall of the 2016 semester. So I'm going home a whole month early in order to make it. That's kinda sad because I really don't want to go home that early. I love being a missionary, but I guess college is important too. So if any of you have suggestions on where I should go to college please inform me! Cause I'm still searching! Hahaha

                            So cool miracle that happened this week! Last Saturday Elder Cook and I found a cool investigator named Devonte! Not sure if I mentioned him before. Well we've met with him a
couple of times this week. It's miraculous how fast he is progressing. We set a baptismal date with him for the 14th of February, but it seems that he will beat that date! Each time we go over there
he tells us of his reading in the Book of Mormon. Yesterday we had him pray for us, and he agreed to for the first time. It was amazing to listen to him pray. You could tell that he was speaking with his
father in heaven. Just like we all should, he spoke to him like he was right there! I loved every minute of it. The spirit was felt by all those who were present! I'm grateful that Heavenly Father puts me into
positions like this to bless those that he is preparing! Lately he has been putting more and more of them into our path. It clicked in my mind that the more obedient we are as missionaries, and the more we follow preach my gospel, the more likely he'll bless us with more people. I knew that before but now I have a testimony of it.

                           Well this church is true, don't really to say much more. No sugar coating this time around! I'm thankful for all the prayers put up in my behalf! Like One of our converts Mrs, Jackson
said "When praises go up, blessings come down!" That's true and I'm grateful for the prayers thrown up for me! I really do feel them and their power. Know that I pray for you guys back home. Turns out I'll be returning earlier then expected. Not by my choice though. Maybe I'll convince president to let me stay longer! Hahaha I hope you all have an absolutely amazing week! LOVES!!

Love, Elder Crismon

 A new haircut selfie! This was NEEDED! :)
 A giant cookie he made! Haha!
 The Nativity on the wall was in the box we sent him! It's a cool foil wall sticker! :)
 They also used the lights etc to decorate their study room a bit! it sure looks festive!

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