Monday, November 10, 2014

Email home November 3rd

Glad you liked the letter!!!!! I'm gonna write you again and tell you some more crazy stories!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I got that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love it!!!!!!!!!! Any who, but can you send me my Oregon sweatshirt?? It's pretty cold in the morning!!!!!!!!! hahaha I'm such a wimp now!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much!!!! So for Christmas i get to Skype!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?????????? Any who!!!!!!!!!! Yeah we see all this voting stuff, and they are voting on medical weed here in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ways!!!!!!!!!!! Funny story!!!!!!!! We knocked on this door, and this guy answers and he looks drunk, and he says "Hey guys yeah I'm super hung over, and stuff I feel like complete crap and stuff, so i don't wanna hear about Jesus". I seriously laughed for and hour after!! It was classic!! He also had a shirt on, and on it was a picture of Darth Vader holding a sign that said free hugs!! hahahahahahahahaha I DIED!!!!! What a great guy!!!!!!! So we had a whole family come to church this week!!!! It was awesome!! We had a trunk-o-treat!!!!! It was fun!!!!!!! We made some chili!!!!!!!!!! We didn't win the cook off doe............ sad day!!!!!!! Any who on Halloween, we had an appointment later that night, but we got stuck in a traffic jam, so we helped fix it!!! haha we were there for an hour and a half!!!!!!!! everyone loved us after though!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha Any who I'm going to write you!!!! love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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