Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making it "official"!

On September 9th 2014 Carter was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It was an awesome experience! The Crescent Ridge 5th Ward bishopric was in attendance: Bishop Stephen Fitt, Brother John Carlson and Brother David Rees. The Crescent Ridge Stake Presidency was also in attendance: President Brett Davies, President Kendall Van Wagoner, President Brian Merrill and Bishop Bret Bateman.
He was ordained an Elder months ago, but now it was time to make him an OFFICIAL missionary!
(Pictured: Carter, his brother Will and sister Brianne)
President Merrill was asked to offer a prayer on our home and family which he did. It was a sweet prayer and brought peace to Carter's family. A few testimonies were shared by Carter's Mom, Dad and his Bishop and all were wonderful. The testimonies brought the spirit and was the perfect lead in to Carter being set apart.
(Pictured: Carter with his Dad)
The blessing by President Davies was inspired. He spoke of Carter's personality and how he is going to be a light to many! We couldn't agree more!
(Pictured: Carter with his Mom)
He has ALREADY been a light to many and you can see in these pictures how happy he is and how ready he is to serve!
(Pictured: Carter with Jaden)
We were thrilled to have Jaden Johnson there as well! Best friends with Carter since 4th grade and they will be serving in the SAME mission! Jaden was able to participate in setting him apart and Carter is going to be filling him on on everything until he arrives in Florida in November! What a blessing!

He's OFFICIAL! Time to finish packing the bags and report to the MTC! :)

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